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Since this is a D&D forum and has no links for D&D knowledge in general (the only thread is "Drow links). I decided to fill the gap :

      1. The handbooks for DM (including very useful handbooks of the elves, dwarves and gnomes)

2. A package of official material free for download from Wizards of the Coast. The best are Cormanthyr - Empire of the elves (works excellently in collusion with the handbook of the elves ; the handbook is strictly orientated on elven culture, whyle Cormanthyr has a more historical and institutional approach), Villain's Lorebook, Lands of Intrigue (detail about Amn and Tethyr), Calimport and Netheril - The Empire of Magic.

3. The half-elves handbook :

4. An excellent site who summarize the information about the planes. Oly the first page is in russian, all the other are in English.

5. A collection of books from One of the best here is the one about the Nine Hells. This book does not enter into details about the nature of the fiends (for such info, the best source is Fiends - Faces of Evil), but gives very good information about the important locations in the Hells and the biographies of the personalities from Hell : the lords, their lieutenants and the Dark Eight.

6. An extensive site who gives information about Toril. I placed it the last because it has good info, but also many broken links.

       More will come.  :D

As I promised, some more links :

    A site for AD&D races and cultures :

   A site about realms creatures for the 3.5 edition

A site about the races in the realms :

This is fantastic stuff. Could we get this topic pinned?

EDIT: I see it already is.  :oops:


--- Quote from: "Qualidor" ---This is fantastic stuff. Could we get this topic pinned?

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    Thanks. I selected the best from more than one hundred. There was also an excellent site with pdf books for download ( Monstruous Compendiums I, II and III, Planes of Law, Hellbound, Fiends : Faces of Evil, Sigil : In the Cage) but unfortunately is is down for some time. I still have them however.

Another link which  have found :

     The best book here is the AD&D complet archive. It has all the handbooks. The most valuable part in that book is the Monstruous Mythology (which cannot be found anywhere else) chapter which offers detailed descriptions of the monstruous gods like Gruumsh, Demogorgon, Kurtulmal, Tiamat or Bahamut.


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