Author Topic: Need help please, different armor pieces are not equiable by any class and more  (Read 1351 times)

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Greetings dear people here !
I hope you are still alive and well.

I rly love your mod since the old days. Sadly the mod is kinda broken since i play it with the EE of BG 1.

Several items and stuff is not working or is just not equipable by anyone.

I will make a list here:

Staff of wizardy from Al-Mustafa's All Things does not give bonus spells, or let cast silent or give magic resistance. ( Item ID /Ressource: CMSTAF01)
The defensive gloves of RC 3 are not equipable except of thieves (single class) and the description is broken. ( Item ID/Ressource:MABRAC02)
Robe of the magician gives - 3 saving throws instead of plus. (Item ID /Ressource:MACLCK01)

The great mithril shield +3 cannot be wear by any class/race. Also not by dwarfes and the desription is broken. 2x cannot be used by..instead of can be used 1x. ( Item ID/Ressource:MASHLD01)
Dwarfen mithril mail cannot be wear by dwarfes but the desription is correct. ( Item ID/Ressource: MAPLAT02)

Duragons Platemail +4 from the nashkel mines encounter is totally broken. No class can equip it and the description who cannot wear it is broken too. (Item ID/Ressource: MAPLA001)

Elven Longbow +2 from the baldurs gate bridge encounter has a broken description who cannot wear it too. ( Item ID/Ressource: CMB0W04)

Is there any chance that this can be fixed or can i fix it by myself? Sadly i have no big clue of modding.


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