Author Topic: Dark Side of the Sword Coast v1.01  (Read 5671 times)

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Dark Side of the Sword Coast v1.01
« on: November 05, 2018, 03:58:42 PM »
DSotSC v1.01 for BGEE and SOD.

Dark Side of the Sword Coast adds many new quests and new NPCs to join your adventures.

This version fixes several compatibility issues from the beta version and contains numerous fixes.

Download DSotSC v1.01

Compatibility: I have tested DSotSC with Dark Horizons, NTotSC and The Stone of Askavar in different installs without any issues. This version is currently not compatible with the World Map mod.
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Little is known of Nirel, a powerful cleric who could resist the spells of his enemies. However, history does record that he was a vile zealot whose hatred for followers of other faiths knew almost no bounds. It is said that he kept the heads of his victims as trophies and was personally responsible for defiling over one hundred temples of other faiths. In the centuries since, his mace has appeared in the hands of evil clerics across the Realms.