Author Topic: Trollslayer won't join party or tell me that Otho's nephew is dead.  (Read 3410 times)

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I have the above problem.
Upon reading the walkthrough I came upon this written below.

"There have been major problems with getting Trollslayer to join your party, so if he doesn't respond to you, you need to download the Trollslayer fix file from the Dark Side home page and unzip it in your override file (I think that's where it goes, just follow the instructions). Resume playing from the game that you strategically saved just before the battle."

Has a fix been written for EE?

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Re: Trollslayer won't join party or tell me that Otho's nephew is dead.
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2016, 06:24:28 AM »
That's an old issue from the original version. Looking at the script for this I can't see any problems unless you are not within sight of Ferthgil. I have tried it in the TUTU version without any issues. I wasn't involved with coded the EE version but looking at the script It should work. The hammer code is blunds02. You''l need the hammer for later.
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