Author Topic: Bug: Tsujatha needs 2 .tra files, one for EE games, one for non EE games...  (Read 2067 times)

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As reported here, the current non-EE games get a very messy out come from the .tra file, specifically from the apostrophe, cause it essentially has a wrong codepage .tra file assigned to be the base for both games.
Sorry for the late report, I was trying earlier, but couldn't get through.

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This doesn't need to be the case for English translations. Looking at the SHS post the offending line is;

’tis fresh morning with me when you are by at night in BATSUJAT.tra

You can simply change the apostrophe to ' or ` instead of ’ . The offending character is not from the ASCII standard.

For English translations most characters you use for BG:EE are in the ASCII character set that ANSI and UTF 8 share so change the apostrophe to the one near the @ key. On UK keyboards at least.

Here is the correct text

'tis fresh morning with me when you are by at night

There is a good article that explains this quite well

This will of course be different for other translations where HANDLE CHARSETS will have to be used to encode the text.

I'll inform the moderator of this MOD about the solution.
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