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DSotSC Open Beta Info. READ FIRST!
« on: November 08, 2014, 09:28:27 PM »
This is an open beta of Dark Side of the Sword Coast, version 1 for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. You who download it and install it are a beta tester. Feedback is most appreciated. Perfection in mods is something I aim for.
This mod is larger than what it used to be, there are new graphics and animations for the mod, most notably a dragon animation. Yes, the forest dragon is an actual dragon now. Its a young dragon though so its not as powerful as the BG2 dragons, but it is still more powerful than the original mod's dragon.
There are a few new things, I restored some thing since I have the original Version 1 of the mod that was made in 1999. A couple of new areas, some updated areas. Speaking of areas...

And yes there is a slight problem. You will not be able to travel to or from the Dark Side areas on the world map to another area on the world map. It'll crash the game. I've followed examples of code to do this and its just not working. You will have to travel to one area to another through the area links. Someone who is more knowledgeable with this type of coding will have to fix this problem since its obviously beyond me. To move from area to area you will usually begin at the bottom left of the area and you need to travel to the upper right side of the area to exit the area and move on to the next one. To leave the Dark Side areas, you do the opposite. Travel to the bottom left of the area and when you traverse to the next you will be at the upper right. Travel to the bottom left. This affects only the Dark Side outside areas that are on the world map, the dungeon areas function normally.

Bugs and spelling errors post in the appropriated topic.
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