Author Topic: cant get weidu to work  (Read 19636 times)

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cant get weidu to work
« on: December 03, 2013, 06:34:54 PM »
I there, I just downloaded Weidu, but when I execute weidu.exe nothing happens. It starts a DOS dialog and after a few lines it gets closed. am i doing something wrong?

I have decided to start some kits in order to dual class the exisisting classes en bg2. Last time I played it i used an avenger, and I realized that an avanger-->thief would be fun to play. So, I did a little reserch and learnd that there's no way to do it because its hardcoded. BUT, if you were to add it as a CLERIC kit, then you could dual to a fighter, thief, ranger or mage. That would be a great combo, and it would rebalance the druid exp line in case you want more than 14 levels. As a final touch I was thinking of adding improved abilities for every druid kit:
shapeshifter:  a worg campanion at lv1, dire wolf lv7, vampiric wolf lv14, vampiric dire wolf lv21.
totemic druid: spirit animal lv1 (inmune normal weapons +1fist), s.a.lv7 (inmune weap up to +1, +2fist, +14hp -1ac) sa lv14 (inmunity +2, fist +3, +28hp, -ac, elemental resist. 10%) sa lv 21( inmunity +3, fist+4, +42hp, -4ac, 25% elemental resitance)
avenger: lv1 ( rat and gilbberling form), lv7( kit standard morph, weap. counts +1), lv14 ( improved form: +28hp, +2weap, -1ac, spiders and wyvern improves venom, salamder get elemental shield, adds troll form) lv21( epic shape, +3weap, -2ac, +48hp, +2stats, can cast while shapeshifted).
It didn't seem too complicated to implement.

has anyone heared of a druid kit for clerics? does it exist already? can I implement the changes above on them?

I also would like your opinion on the followings kits as if they are posible:

fighters kit> every ranger and paladin kit. Removes mageslayer to make everyone fit. adds penalty to exp to correct leveling. The idea is to get a paladin/cleric and ranger/druid. you could also dual to thief or mage.

failing that, add paladin kits to cleric, with corretion to exp and thac0. Add ranger as a thief kit without disable trap, open lock, detect ilusion and backsttab. I really fell they should get set traps.

add monk as a fighter kit, itd be great to dual into thief, mage or cleric. if not possible, make it a thief kit?

anyway, I decided to start by collecting opinions, I think druids need some rebalancing, as well as HLA ( they are gamebreaking to my liking).

Thanks to all,


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Re: cant get weidu to work
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2013, 09:39:34 AM »
solved it!

well, i managed to turn the avenger into a cleric kit. I disabled turn undead ability and it works just fine as a dual class. It get really underpowered at 15+ levels, so i think i will begin with the rebalancing just now.

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Re: cant get weidu to work
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2013, 09:49:06 AM »
You should check out some of the tutorials at Gibberlings3, I believe they have some good kit tutorials.
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