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[BGEE][WeiDU] "Faces!" by Irbis & Jalily
« on: May 20, 2013, 04:17:28 AM »

Faces! at first was just a part of bigger Mod Pack. Now it is standalone due to amount of work it requaired and how cool it is :D What it does? It adds almost 500 character portraits (just like the PC or some NPCs), basicly - giving them a face. The mod covers all the NPCs which had a name or felt importand. All across the original BG, its expansion, new BGEE content and BGEE Black Pit module. The inpact on the game is bigger then you can think of. Suddenly... you start to care about all those NPCs, their lifes, problems. Suddenly it stopes to be so easy to gank one of them for his/her gear. Its hard to explain, really. You have to try it yourself. I (Irbis) i did the idea, the CRE files modification and portraits assigning, but it is all thanks to Jalily that the mod is in WeiDU format. Still, there are two versions of the mod for people who (for some reason) dislike the WeiDU or just dont know how make it to work. At first, i wanted to add about 50 Faces, TOP. I dont know how exaclty i ended up with 482 of them. There goes almost 3 weeks of my life hah! :D value the time ive spent. And have fun!

1. Unzip it directly into your 00766 folder so that the setup-Faces_BGEE.bat file is on the same level as Baldur.exe.
2. Run the .bat file to install it.
3. Start a new game and enjoy!
1. Unzip the content of "FACES" directly into your Override folder, Overwrite files if nessesary.
2. Start a new game and enjoy!
IMPORTANT! the Download links are covered with, to not get yourself missleaded remember the following:
1. You click the link
2. link pops up
3. You have to wait from 3 to 5 sec.
4. Then, in the upper right corner of the screen will a "Skip Ad" button appear.
5. You click that button and its the end of the Ads and you are moved to the actual download

1. How long it took to make this?
Well, about 2 week+. And thats working 6h/day

2. Will this mod work with X?
The mod is designed and programed for BGEE only. That means - no original BG1 or its expansions, no BGT or BGTuTu

3. Nice work dude but theres already a mod that does that.
Yes and no. The mod you are speaking of is not compatible with BGEE. And is actualy quite a rare find on the web. This one has full BGEE support, covers more NPCs (almost 500 of them) and the ones that comes with BGEE like Dorn and the NPCs from Black Pit module.

4. Ive found a bug!/it doesnt work!/I have some opinions to share
Feel free to do just that here
There both me and Jalily can provide you with support and solutions.

5. Can i reupload your mod elsewhere?
Please dont. At least - not without my permission.
You can contact me on forums on via Contact Form over

This mod is hosted by me and should be downloaded from
Be sure to always download it from the source to avoid Viruses and harmful programs. Otherwise, dont blame me for the risk you take.
As of aliases: Ever heard of Minecraft? The Minecraft modding scene is enormous! Its actualy so big that many modders can make a living from it! (or buy an extra beer once in while). The are used 99% of the times there and no one ever complained. I mean, look at it.
Sure the guy didnt actualy MADE the game. But he/she put alot of work into her/his mod.
If i can reward the modder (without technicaly paying a broken penny!) by going thru short advertisment before i reach the actual download... i see no harm in following this form. Thats about from 3 to 5 sec extra waiting time. Which i myself gone thru many, many times. For that guy to have an extra beer (still - after like 2000 downloads lol!). I think its fair. 

Support modders and creative people in general.
Also thanks to all my supports. This Mod wouldnt come to existance with you :) Cheers!

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Re: [BGEE][WeiDU] "Faces!" by Irbis & Jalily
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2013, 11:45:59 PM »
Looks good.  :)
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