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The Big Metal Unit (Spoilers)
« on: April 07, 2005, 04:01:40 PM »
Golden Pantaloons

In Baldurs Gate 1 you will find this on the second floor of the Friendly Arm Inn. A nobelman will ask you to do his laundry agree to it and he gives you the Golden Pantaloons.

Silver Pantaloons

This one is a little bit harder to do. You can do it the good way or the evil way.

After starting Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and imported your character from Baldur's Gate that has the Golden Pantaloons its time to find them again. You can reclaim your Pantaloons behind the trapped locked painting. This is the room with the Jailkeep Golem. Head to the Graveyard District and then to the grave with the buried man. Click on it and this will start the "Buried Alive" quest.

Now you should meet up with Lady Elgea in the Bridge District. As mentioned, there are two ways to doing this, evil and not so good. Evil: Tell her you will free her after you have received the ransom for yourself. Now, in the same room, read the note found in the cabinet. It tells you to go outside the Copper Cornet in the Slums District after dark to meet Welther. Tell him you are there for the ransom and take your reputation hit. When you meet Lady Elgea, tell her that she is in no position to demand anything. Your next selection is that you have not made up your mind. Read the note in the cabinet and go to the Copper Cornet after dark. Find Welther, yet do not say a word and just use your theif to pickpocket him for reward. Return to Lady Elgea and let her go for less experience points than if you had just let her go. Now you have the Silver Pantaloons.  :P

Bronze Pantalettes

Import the character that has the Golden and Silver Pantaloons into Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. At some point in the game, you will find yourself at Abazigal’s Lair in the grand quest for a Scroll of Reversal.

During the course of the quest you will run into Iycanth the Mad. He will inform you that he will give you the scroll you seek if you get him the eyestalk of a Beholder. If you balk at him saying the quest is beneath your Child of Bhaal stature, he will tell you that some adventurers will help you. This is the fun part. You find the young adventurers (Bondari, Nanoc the Barbarian and Tim Goldenhand). They are turned to stone. Use a Stone to Flesh spell or scroll to free them. Tell them of the quest for the eyestalk, talk them into it, and sit back and laugh. Eventually, they will return to give you the eyestalk for Iycanth and the highly stylish (and chafing) Bronze Pantalettes.

The Big Metal Unit

Now that you have all three items, head to the town of Amkethran then go directly to see Kerrick the Smith. Invite him to look in your inventory and he will go berserk about the fact you have all of the items. He will make the Big Metal Unit for you and a few accessories the Big Metal Rod with Frag Grenades, Pulse Ammo and Scorcher Ammo.

When you equip the Big Metal Unit, your character gains an AC of -10, 5% magic resistance and can still use magical AC reducers, such as Rings of Protection. Your character's avatar and paperdoll are now represented as a Juggernaut Golem. Now that you have it go out and kick some arse.  :twisted:
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