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Forum Permissions
« on: January 06, 2013, 05:31:40 PM »
Are people having problems viewing, editing posts/topics, uploading attachments, viewing attachments, viewing, rating, downloading files, etc?

Guests should be able to view posts/topics, downloads, attachments and be able to download files.
Regular posters should be able to view everything and delete/edit their own topics and posts.
Modders/Moderators should be able to do the same as regular posters but also moderate their respected forum as in editing, deleting topics, posts in their forum.
Global Mods should do everything that is mentioned above but do it in everything active forum board.

Its been brought to my attention that there are problems. The permissions of the user groups have been set as they should be but I have a feeling I may have to set the permissions by forum board. Its one of those wonderful things that phpBB board has and it may be a hold over from the conversion to SMF.
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