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Yasraena (BG2)
« on: August 12, 2010, 01:22:37 PM »
Yasraena is a female drow elf fighter of good alignment. You can download her here: Yasraena Mod
Although there are dialogue responses that suggest males can romance her, it seems this romance does not reach culmination from forum responses. She has very good magic resistance, I think it was 70+%. Thatâ??s a great benefit for power gamers. It not only means that the attacking magicians are less likely to affect her, but that your own party mage can bomb her and the enemy without much chance of harming her. She uses shortswords. Those swords are very good at the beginning and mediocre after that. There quality increases in ToB, and you can choose to make her proficient with other weapons, of course. She has good stats and equipment without them being exceptionally twinky. As far as fighters go, Korgan or Sarevok are probably better, and Keldorn can be better depending on the party. She has an interesting story, and good dialogue. Iâ??d say her story may be more interesting than Kelsey, but usually prefer Kelseyâ??s banter. She is a drow (your reputation will lower by 2 while she is in the party) and has a drowâ??s point of view despite her alignment. She reminds me of Viconia somewhat, but I think that the forum states she doesnâ??t like Viconia. This is a solid NPC and provides an option to those people accustomed to playing the rest of the NPCs.