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« on: September 27, 2012, 11:38:34 AM »
Who is Armin Kasun?

He's an NPC I am working on, a mercenary character for BG2 and, later, ToB.

So does that mean I have to pay him to join?

Yes, it does.  Think of him as a hired hand instead of a friend, though there is a possibility that he might work without pay at some point.

Does that mean that he's romanceable?

Correct.  The PC can try to romance him if she wishes to.   Don't expect a mushy romance novel though!

Will Armin banter with the other NPCs?

Sure will.  That's one of the things that people expect with an NPC, I think.

Will he have any custom items?

A few.  Nothing overpowered.  He will also be able to make some items, but not in the nature of an inventor.

Does he have any special quest?

I have one planned.  I've not done quest modding before, so I expect it will be the last thing to go into the mod.

Does he have a custom kit?

Sorry, but he's a plain vanilla fighter.   Maybe that's boring for some people, but I always enjoyed someone who whacks things with a sword.

Will there be crossmod content?

Most likely some once I finish the actual mod.

Will he be voiced?

Any volunteers?   ;D

Didn't you have another project going?

Yes, I did, but after spending four years without modding, it's hard for me to get back to that project.  Someday I will finish it, but for now Armin is my focus.
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In progress - Armin Kasun - a mercenary NPC for BG2

On hold - Halbo NPC for BG2, the evil halfling thief, food critic, and party troublemaker