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Mod Information
« on: September 27, 2012, 11:27:26 AM »
So why yet another mod NPC?  Don't we have enough of those already?  Well, for one, it's something I already know how to do, I've had the basic character concept in mind for awhile, I particularly enjoy new NPCs, sometimes just to switch up the party's abilities, sometimes for the extra dialogue, and I've also some new ideas to try out on him, particularly in tinkering around with "romance" coding.   I want to try using a system in which various responses can make his liking for the PC go up or down by differing degrees rather than just "move on" or "fail" as I seem to remember with the original three (I didn't play Anomen's!).  In other words saying a few less-than-tactful things won't immediately break of chances.   Also, I want to see if I can have player actions over the course of the game affect the romance so it's not just what's in the talks that would affect it.  I know in some cases (Aerie for example) certain actions in the game could break (if I remember right) the romance, but I don't think they were many and again, they were "fail" and "don't fail" options.   Finally, something that seemed kind of strange in the original is that the NPC is always pursuing the player.  While that may be true in some cases, and is also much easier to do based on how the NPC always starts the conversation, I wanted to let the PC be the relentless pursuer as well, even to the point of being WAY too forward if they want.   Maybe it's been done, I don't know, but it wasn't as far as the original romances go.  Hopefully I can pull it off!


Armin Kasun is a warrior from north of Amn who offers his services to anyone willing to pay him enough.  He does not bother to hide the fact that gold is his primary motivation, but once paid, he claims to be completely loyal as a member.   Armin is typically good-natured, able to work (on his part) amiably with most anyone, intelligent, and reserved, though he sometimes may be a bit more friendly towards female characters (employer excepted) than he should be.  He will also have the ability to make some items, though certainly not in the bizarre style of Jan.  He can be romanced, if the PC tries hard enough, yet doesn't overly annoy him.  Armin can be found in Athkatla shortly after you exit Chateau Irenicus.

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Stats (not 100% until tested):
  • Strength: 16
  • Dexterity: 13
  • Constitution: 15
  • Intelligence: 14
  • Wisdom: 12
  • Charisma: 13

Total: 83

Portrait (at the moment):

Intended features of the NPC:
  • Banters with all the other NPCs.   I'm trying for three each, at least.
  • Interjections with non-joinable NPCs.
  • A romance of sorts.   I'll shoot for player-initiated-dialogue, a flexible "point" system for success or failure, and other things.  Read above for more details on this.
  • The ability to make items.  Nothing overpowering.
  • Some custom starting equipment.
  • A quest (if I can fit it in)
  • Allows for future translations (uses tra. files)

Disclaimer:  I in no way make claims to being a professional writer or coder.  I do this purely for the fun of it.  Hopefully others will enjoy it as well.   ;D

Note:  The above disclaimer doesn't mean I don't like constructive criticism.  I do.  So comments, encouragement, tips, hints, or other kinds of help are always appreciated.

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In progress - Armin Kasun - a mercenary NPC for BG2

On hold - Halbo NPC for BG2, the evil halfling thief, food critic, and party troublemaker