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Custom Portraits for IWD2
« on: May 12, 2005, 08:37:27 PM »
Again, a rescued file from the old site.

Quote from: "Blood Raven"

Let us be the first custom site to post info on IWD2.

The measurements for player portraits are 42x42 pixels for the smaller portraits (8-bit color runs faster but it can be up to 24 bit color), and 210x330 pixels for the larger portraits. To use a custom portrait, place it in the Portraits directory (in the install directory for the game) and add an S to the end of the small portrait name and an L to the end of the large portrait - otherwise the two names must be identical. The names must be 1-7 letters long, maximum - so the filename with the S or L added to the end is no longer than 8 total characters. The portrait files must be in BMP format.

For example:
XXXXXXXS.bmp for small (42x42, 24-bit)
XXXXXXXL.bmp for large (210x330, 24-bit)

For multiplayer, each player must have a copy of the portraits; otherwise they will see a blank icon instead of the other player's custom portraits. You will need to manually send these portraits to your friends as IWD2 has no method of transferring them.

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