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Mod Concept
« on: July 11, 2012, 06:38:01 AM »
Urban Wasteland: Warriors of Violence is a hack & slash TC for BG2:ToB where the PC is a warrior in a post-apocalyptic medievalpunk setting. It's going to be focused on fighters and will feature a semi-realistic combat system.

It's based on my older work on an improved combat system for BG2. Here is a summary of what I've been doing before.

Key features:
* GRIMDARK setting inspired by Mad Max, anime from 80s, etc. - wars, robbery, murder, rape and pillage are commonplace.
* Brutal and deadly combat system without 100 HP tanks. Characters have 3 HP per point of their Condition and weapons can do higher damage thanks to a complex critical hit system.
* Common use of special combat abilities will give player more control over combat.
* More realistic weapons and armour.
* Point-buy character creation.
* Skill and attribute dependent dialogues.
* Violence. Lots of it.
* No elves, dwarves, gnomes or other traditional fantasy races.
* No magic, gods or other supernatural beings.
* Dark and mature 8-bit maps.
* More narration and descriptions.
Possible other features:
* Choices & Consequences and moral ambiguity.
* CNPCs and party interaction.
* Realistic reactions to character's actions.
* Non-combat skills.

Semi-realistic hack & slash RPG.

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