Author Topic: Making New Special Effect Icons Tutorial by Echon  (Read 3458 times)

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Making New Special Effect Icons Tutorial by Echon
« on: July 11, 2012, 06:27:25 AM »
(This tutorial is specifically written for BG1 but may be of help in other IE games)


Bam Workshop
2DA Editor

or any tool that does the same as the above.

First of all, extract 'States.bam', 'States2.bam' and 'StatDesc.2da' to your override folder. The 2da file keeps track of which entry in the dialog.tlk each icon refers to. The States.bam contains the icons that are shown on the character's portrait, the ones in States2.bam are those you will see when viewing the character's record. Each BAM contains 255 sequences with most of the original icons being in sequence 65 to 123. There are a few other icons there, too, but they
are unimportant save the last one, sequence 254, which contains the level up icon. There are 58 entries in Statdesc.2da which is the same as the amount of icons in the BAMs (123-65 = 58).

It may seem to make little sense that sequence 65 is Icon Type 0 and sequence 123 is Icon Type 58. However, if one clicks 'Frames' in Bam Workshop instead of 'Sequences' one should notice that most of these frame numbers match the Icon Type. Adding a new frame to sequence 124 numbered 59, deleting the old one and typing Icon Type 59 in the spell/item editor does not work, though. It seems as if the game ignores the first 64 sequences in the BAMs and counts number 65 as the first. What one needs to do is to add the desired icon to sequence 124 thus making it Icon Type 59. This is done by deleting sequence 124, exporting a copy of the sequence with the icon one wishes to use (save it as a BAM) and then importing it. The new icon will be in sequence 254 and all the sequences above 124 have been lowered (the level up icon is now in sequence 253). Now click and drag the imported sequence all the way down to sequence 124. The level up icon should remain in sequence 254. Make a new DLG which contains the text that will be displayed next to the icon. Open StatDesc.2da and add a new line named 59 and enter the string reference in the empty field. In the spell/item editor type 59 in the Icon Type parameter.

The reason why there are two BAMs in BG1 is because the icons on the portrait are on a black background and as far as I remember, the icons in BG2 are not. There may be only be one states.bam but that would only mean less work for you.
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