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Reviews General Guidelines
« on: August 15, 2010, 01:59:19 PM »
We welcome you, the gamer/mod player, to post reviews of a mod that you have played. We don't care if the mod is a TeamBG, G3, CoM or any other community mod, we do not discriminate. We would like to build a generalized collection for reviews which would be easy for the mod player to locate and view those reviews.

Basically what is required when posting a review is to name the mod author, the name of the mod, where the mod is located at. Download location and forum links is optional. How you rate it is up to you whether its grade like this mod is rated a B+ or if its a percentage like this mod I rate at 80%. Give reasons why you liked the mod and reasons why you didn't like it.

If the mod you are reviewing already has a thread started for it, make your post there. If there is no thread for it, you may start one.