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d'Arnise Romance (BG2)
« on: August 12, 2010, 03:14:26 PM »
By: Rodman49

Name: de'Arnise Romance (SoA)
Version: 2
Type: NPC Expansion
Score: 92 %
The d'Arnise Romance mod gives the Bioware NPC Nalia a romance dialogue tree along with new quests and a flirtpack.  Although I typically play BG2 for the gameplay and not the storylines I would be giving you a disservice if I did not recommend this mod.  Itā??s simply the best mod Iā??ve played to date.
Balance: N/A
Nalia's character is not changed initially so this category was not rated.
Creativity: 20/20
Giving Nalia a romance seems like a no brainer considering all the effort the main character goes through to save her and her keep in the unmodified game.  By filling such an obvious gap in the game you might expect a low creativity score, but how the author differentiates Nalia from the other Bioware NPCs is amazing.  In comparison to the relatively shorter dialogues of the other romancable females, many of Nalia's dialogues are drawn out and almost always have to do with central themes of her character such as class struggle and aiding others.  Also the way in which dialogues are scripted in this mod makes it seem as you are almost talking to a real person given how much she brings up previous conversations and how you responded to them.  Overall I was just impressed by the quality of writing ā?? the presentation and writing itself is just so damn good, and I'm not even really a huge fan of the romance plots.
Dialogue & Quests: 20/20
Nalia's dialogue is very consistent with the theme that Bioware had set for her and is very distinct from that of other NPCs.  There isn't an overbearing amount of quest content but the excellent dialogue and expansion of Nalia's character is what this mod is all about anyway.  Also the amount and quality of dialogue responses for the main character are amazing.  They range from the humorous, to the serious, to the annoyed in such a large gradient that you find you have 4-5 response choices for almost any line of dialogue.
Integration: 48/50
There are parenthetical here, but with the Flirtpack ( consistency is not broken that much.  The times when parenthetical (or action descriptions) are used instead of dialogue or in-game actions are well done and interesting.  As opposed to many other mods where parenthetical seem to be used because it is easier to convey an idea; in the de'Arnise Romance parenthetical seem to only be used in the flirts (where their use is the status quo) and in instances where using dialogue or in-game actions are simply unable to convey what the author is trying to do.  In all honesty this is the only mod where I have seen this done effectively.  This de'Arnise mod is the definitive example for use of parenthetical without breaking integration.
Portrait: N/A
No alternate portrait was set up during my install, so I'm not going to evaluate this category.  The mod promo art does include a nice alternate portrait, in case you are looking for one though.
Voicing: 13/20
Nalia doesn't get any extra voicing from the mod other than here already included Bioware lines.  The music associated with the Nalia romance is adequate; I personally would not have chosen a guitar (or whatever string instrument is chosen here) but it still gets the job down by not breaking the mood or by being irritating.