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Fade Romance (BG2)
« on: August 12, 2010, 01:38:06 PM »
Hello all again, Im Midnight, the late night reviewer of mods both good and bad. Like my previous posts, Im writing again after midnight over this months review of a popular mod, Fade-the romancable tiefling shadowthief. Tonights review is a pretty well know figure for the mod community so this wont take anyone by storm, but if you -the reader- are browsing for useful mods for the first time, this is for you especially. Lets dive right in.
The basics about Fade-she is a stright up theif(no kit), female, romancable to male pcs, who side with Aran Linvail at his hideout(the shadowthief headquarters in the docks). She is a tiefling -half demon/half elf-all woman. She starts out at lvl 13 which might be higher then you depending on when you get to that point in the game. No outragous gear or powers -though she does start with shadow studded leather +3 (equal to quest reward for killing Mae'Var), and a standard +2 short sword.
Her pros are shes well rounded as a thief, pretty simple to pick up and utilize, with very few problems that plague the standard vanillia npcs--if you trust her to just be a friend/teammember, shes fine with that, the romance is standard in that you have to show trust, friendship without being cruel (you can be naughty though) and shes down with that too. Think of her as the "bad girl/biker chick" from across the tracks dressed up in black leather, and you have a good idea of Fade. She does behave as a fairly good npc though(rated pg), and hates slavers in any shape/form/idea, based on her past. She wont force you into quest decisions though (be careful with evil decisions for slaver quests though). As a shadow thief in good standing, she will give access to a few small extra quests for the shadow thieves (including meeting Arans Mom...), but nothing super hard. For all that she talks about, and is presented as loving "shiny things" and/or being sticky fingered, she doesnt behave like this ingame to the point where the non playable quest-giving NPCs get angry at you.
Her cons are few-her flirt/romance/banters are all SoA content atm, and while you can take her into ToB, shes going to be very quiet. As a stright thief, she lacks some of the sharp definations of the kit rogues(namely super x7 stabbiness of the assassions, etc) but gives up those for overall utility. Shes more entertaining the Yoshimo in my view, but thats just my taste. She does have some quests involving getting kidnapped/vampire/family squables that I dont want to give away spoilers on, but they are not easy-you will have to read the hints carefully and do some deductions/guesswork (I had to forum hunt around for help on one and explored alot for the others). Oh, and minor con-her portrait isnt my personal favorite-but thats just me. I was not able to find any alternate portraits for her at this time.
Overall opinion- Well, Ive run this mod through Soa twice now-Fade is an enjoyable mod that was remarkably free of bugs -major and minor, and will interact quiet well with your pc and party members while in SoA. Shes maintaince free mostly, and wont kill other party members or stomp off; she cant stand Nalia though (rich girl vs poor girl situation), so if you want to see some great bickering banters between them, group them both :P. The biggest drawback to me is lack of ToB content at the present. For parties looking for a good rogue, you could do far worse. I would give Fade a 7 out 10 on my scale. Until next review folks, Excelsior!!

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Re: Fade Romance (BG2)
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2010, 01:40:50 PM »
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Re: Fade Romance (BG2)
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2010, 03:10:27 PM »
By: Rodman49

Name: Fade (SoA)
Version: 2
Type: NPC
Score: 65 %
Fade, an NPC for the Shadows of Amn portion on BG2, is a Tiefling thief connected to the Shadow Thieves.  You can only get her by allying yourself with the Shadow Thieves which does limit some of your initial options.  Fade is an interesting character who has a lot of potential; but unfortunately this mod stumbles short in overall presentation.
Balance: 7/10
Fade's character has decent but not incredible stats, she also has an amulet which gives her significant bonuses for fighting Undead and other evil creatures.  These two elements are key in making most support characters (good but not overpowered stats and equipment).  Unfortunately she is not dual or multi-classed with fighter which would benefit her greatly nor is she an assassin or bounty hunter (the better thief kits).  Her character is decent and not overshadowing, but she is not as powerful as any of the stock thief characters (Yoshimo, Nalia, or Imoen).
Creativity: 15/20
Fade's background is interesting and in many respects her background parallels Viconia's.  However the conclusions Fade has come to differ widely from those of Viconia.  This aspect alone is enough to differentiate her and make her character standout.  Fade also has some great dialogue and interjections that create a consistent character (although not really consistent with her alignment).  Although the mod has a great character idea and background, the mod really suffers from a lack of an overarching quest or something that makes the mod stand out from a technical or gameplay perspective (one of a few examples that keep this mod from being a top-tier mod).
Dialogue & Quests: 12/20
The Fade mod suffers horribly from parentheticals.  It has a few things that do well with the Flirtpack (, but right out of the gate you'll notice you are being bludgeoned over the head with parentheticals.  It would be acceptable if they were only in the flirt or romance portion but I would say almost half of her lines are filled with them.  Part of this seems to stem from the author having to describe the emotions or facial expression of the NPC that a player would normally pick up from voiced dialogue, because Fade has no spoken dialogue.  If you can get past all the parentheticals Fade is a genuinely compelling character with some great gems in her dialogue and interjections.  The mod also features a few quests, but the only one I managed to trigger was a "flavor" type quest for Aran Linvail - a well written quest but a larger quest with some type of significant encounter would have been appreciated.
Integration: 35/50
Parentheticals are the biggest culprit here, although a lack of music in her romance sequences and having no voicing also hurts this category.  Pile on a sub-par portrait and a character, although cool, that doesn't really seem to follow her listed alignment and you start to see integration as a major issue.  It's such a shame that there are this many glaring problems because the core character of this mod is certainly a top tier personality.
Portrait: 3/10
The portrait that comes packaged with the mod is well drawn but not in the Baldur's Gate style or proportions, to be honest it's a nice piece of art but looks terrible sitting on your right sidebar. 
Voicing: 12/20
There is no terrible voicing here and I think there may be a custom soundset, some music would have certainly scored a couple of more points here.  The lack of voicing is a disappointment but it is leagues ahead of crappy voice acting.