Author Topic: introducing willie bruce  (Read 4194 times)

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introducing willie bruce
« on: April 09, 2005, 05:52:04 PM »
willie bruce is a one-day NPC who was part of the international bruceday even at PPG.  although he is a complete and functioning mod in the one-day sense, I will be expanding him into a full-fledged mod.  this means his banters and interjections will be extensive, and I will be adding a quest or two to his module.  my english friend, who helped me write a lot of willie bruce's lines (and who is also the VOICE of bruce), will be helping me with the expansion.

so, who is willie bruce?

well, he is a cockney barfighter.  he is rude, sexist, racist, and vulgar.  but he loves his old mum!  he likes to drink, fight, and complain about how chavs have hijacked cockney culture to further their own ends.  he is unique in that he comes with absolutely no equipment except a bottle of booze!  and this booze does not go away.  even when he drinks it, another one just reappears.  he cannot be without his booze.  also, when you pick him up in the copper coronet, he is 1st-level!  :shock:  but I have play-tested him, and he gains several levels just in the athkatla slaver quest.  (it's nice to have someone level up so quickly...)

any questions?  please read the FAQ first.