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Chloe NPC Mod (BG2)
« on: August 12, 2010, 12:53:37 PM »
By: Shrikant
BGII/SoA â?? Chloe NPC Mod (Modification Pack)
Version 1.2
Review first posted on: 24/02/2005
Review updated on:

Chloe is a Human Female TN Kensai. Although she is Human, she CANNOT be dual-classed. She will only romance a Human, Elven or Half-Elven female. However, Imoenâ??s presence is required for her flings to convert into a romance. If her romance with the PC is going nowhere, she will romance Imoen on her joining the party in Spellhold.

Currently only the SoA portion of the mod has been released. However the mod may be installed with ToB too. The mod is packaged in Weidu, so compatibility with other mods should not be a problem. It is also Macintosh compatible.

Chloe can be found in the Pocket-Plane of Air, in the first level of Jon Irenicusâ?? dungeon. Unfortunately, Dungeon-Be-Gone doesnâ??t recognize Chloe. So you have to endure pretty much the entire first level of the dungeon to get to her. Her stats are as follows:
STR: 13
DEX: 25 (Yeah, I know. More on this later.)
CON: 16
WIS: 12
INT: 12
CHA: 14
TOTAL: 92.
She also has 100% resistance to Electrical damage.

Depending on when you pick her up, Chloe comes in four flavors of Levels 7, 9, 13, and 15.
At level 7 her proficiencies are spent on:
Scimitar ***
Short Sword **
Two Weapon Style *
In later versions she will have spent the latest proficiency point on:
Level 9 â?? Short Sword
Level 13 - Two Weapon Style
Level 15 - Two Weapon Style


She comes dual wielding Wrath of Akadia, a Scimitar +3 (+1d2 electrical) which casts Blur 1/day, and Lathandarâ??s Flame, a Short-Sword +2 (+1d2 fire) which grants 25% fire resistance, that only she can use (actually anyone with 23 Dex can). Other than that, she comes naked.
Her weapons will be upgraded automatically once during SoA, in Spellhold, to Rage of Akadia, a Scimitar +4 (+1d4 electrical) which casts Improved Haste 1/day and Blur 3/day, and Lathandarâ??s Blaze, a ShortSword +3 (+1d4 fire) which grants 50% fire resistance. The manner in which her weapons were upgraded also wasnâ??t all that unbelievable.

Are her weapons overpowered? Yes and no. Yes, because you wonâ??t find many such powerful scimitars and short-swords in the unmodded game. No, because no straight Kensai would bother with them. CF, FoA and IMoD are a few of the weapons in the OC which leave her blades in the dust. Donâ??t get me started on Weimerâ??s Weapon Upgrade  
The ToB portion is supposed to further upgrade these to a Scimitar +6 and a Short Sword +5. Now thatâ??s possibly overpowered.
Note: Her Lathandarâ??s swords have 0% chance of casting their spells. This bug will be rectified in v1.3


Chloe is a ***** who wonâ??t stop talking. She has a highly abrasive attitude and, good or bad, the NPCs wish she were elsewhere. She might be lesbian, but does mean that she is incapable of having a normal conversation with males? She talks to all the original games NPCs at least twice. No content has been written to incorporate other, more famous, mods. Hence, there are no interactions with, say, Kelsey or Solaufein.

She cares about saving her skin over anything else. Thus, unlike the original NPCs, there is a chance she might dump you at the Tree of Life and not follow you to Hell. This is a side of the TN attitude we havenâ??t seen yet.

Chloe is a mercenary who fights for the sake of fighting itself. Give her coin and she will take up your cause. Probably the only reason she joins in the group is to sate her bloodlust. If she doesnâ??t like the way you dumped her, she might ask for some GP before she rejoins you, if at all.


Chloeâ??s background story says that she is the bastard child of a human and Akadia, the Goddess of Air. Her tribe, which adopted her at the behest of Akadia, is the one which founded the Kensai style of fighting. She is a straight Kensai and canâ??t be dual-classed. So if you ever had a Kensai PC but never managed to resist making him a Thief or Mage, Chloe is for you.

Yes. Her Dex = 25 bothers a lot of people. Thankfully, Chloe is not an Archer. Being a straight Kensai, the Dex stat is only useful insofar as it improves her AC by 2. So it doesnâ??t make her overpowered. For role-playing AD&D gurus out there, keep away.
Her 13 Str doesnâ??t seem to really affect her, she still kills a lot.

Her strengths and weaknesses are all a function of the Kensai class. She is not a tank. If she gets mobbed, sheâ??s chunked. A few critical hits from her and her opponents are chunked. Her weapons mean she will have a lot of kills to her credit early on.
Personally I preferred the Single Weapon Fighting style for her. Properly outfitted, she was able to compete with Anomen in terms of AC. And criticals at 19 for a Kensai  

Gameplay & Story - Pros & Cons

+ Chloe is pretty well integrated into the game. In addition to her introduction, she has two quests in SoA.

+ Her Chapter 3 quest, though small, is well timed and blends seamlessly into the original game. The reward however is a misshapen lump of metal which is of no use throughout SoA. Apparently we shall have to wait for the ToB portion to be released for culmination of that story. Personally, I would have preferred closure within SoA itself.
- Chloeâ??s Chapter 6 quest is only available if the PC is romancing her. This one isnâ??t as good as the first imo. Too many cut-scenes and lack of control destroy interest in the story.

+ Having a TN character that refuses to work with Bodhi might rankle with some players but it is well explained in her background story. I wish it too was included in the install file.
- Her behavior on meeting Renal however is inexcusable. Only a â??Chipmunk with a sugar high and a death wishâ? would talk or act like that. The whole time it had me thinking Stabbity death imminent!

+ A small portion of the dialogues are voiced.
- The background music that plays whenever she is about to have a conversation with the PC is a dead giveaway though. It screams MOD ALERT!

+ Requiring that Imoen be present for the romance to flower is constraining. But then, you can always make that decision beforehand.
- Chloeâ??s insistence on having a romantic talk almost whenever you go to sleep bugged me. I had to press â??zâ?? twice. I also experienced a slight lag before all of her dialogues.

- The mod tries very hard to make Chloe the centre of attention.
- PC is the child of Bhall; Chloe must be a child of Akadia.
- PC finally meets Imoen in Spellhold; a long cut-scene must be introduced to put Chloe back into the spotlight.
- PC is conversing with any important quest character; Chloe must pipe in with her 0.02$.
- PC gets Bhall powers; Chloe gets 25 Dex. The author says that Chloeâ??s Dex is a result of her heritage and training, and that she would have been able to better express this aspect of Chloe within 3E rules. 25 Dex in BGII translates to 40 DEX in IWD II. No one in the multiverse can be more dexterous!!! IMO this is just a lazy way of getting people to notice this NPC mod amongst all the others.


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Re: Chloe NPC Mod (BG2)
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