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Custom Spell Graphics Tutorial - Part 1

Many people asked such questions again and again in the Spell Editing forums, so this tutorial is here. Ask PRO-related questions in the All Other Editing forum.
Note this tutorial applies ONLY to BGII: SoA and ToB.
Make sure you have the latest version (2.0.2) of Infinity Projectile Utility found in the Graphics Tools section
This tutorial will consist of three parts:
Part 1 - Basic PRO Editing
Part 2 - Intermediate PRO Editing
Part 3 - Advanced PRO Editing


Since many spell effects require some sort of magical energy to seek a target and do visualization, projectiles were implemented in IE. However, they are only editable for BGII. Right into the concept, it works like this:

-There are PRO files in Project.bif and the override folder

-In the script compiler folder, there's a Projectl.ids file, which is composed of numbers and PRO filenames. These PRO filenames are indexed using these numbers.

-Item and Spell extension headers can have a projectile attached (mentioned as "graphics" in IEEP). The PRO filename index number plus one (for the 0th entry) is used to link the PRO and the item/spell extension header.

Of course, this tutorial is focused mainly on editing of the PRO files. Infinity Projectile Utility (referred as IPU further on) will be used in this process.

PART 1 - Creating Simple Projectiles (Basic PRO Editing)

A simple projectile is only a BAM file seeking the target, the most basic functionality of a PRO. It is very easy to do, yet could produce astonishing spell effects. Here are the steps to take.

-Open the Flame Arrow spell in IEEP (SPWI303), and change the Fixed/Random damage parameter 2 in all extension headers from Fire to Electricty damage. We're making a Shocking Arrow, so rename the spell. Save it into your override folder as PSHARR or whatever, that doesn't matter.

-Now we need to create a projectile for the Shocking Arrow. Open IPU, and select Create New Projectile. Use these parameters:

Projectile Type: Single Target
Projectile Speed: 21
Sound: Lightning Bolt (TRA_09)
Animation: Spear (SPSPEART)
Shadow: (blank, since we don't need one)
Enable Use Light Spot
Light Spot: 9x7 (will be displayed as 29x22)
Density: 255
Type: Smoke

and click on Create Projectile. Name the projectile as SHCARR. You will recieve a "PRO Successfully Saved" and "SHCARR added to Projectl.ids..." message.

-The last thing to do before testing the spell is linking the spell and the projectile. To do this; select Change Item/Spell Animation in IPU, open your spell file, and scroll down the projectiles list. At the bottom, you'll discover the entry we just added, some number (264 if your Projectl.ids was untouched) and SHCARR. Select this item, select Extension Header 1 and click Change Index. Repeat this procedure for all four extension headers. And then, the spell is ready for testing...doesn't the spear look rather excellent?
If you are having difficulty with these steps, you can find the completed example in TBGKA/BGII/Spells section, it's named
Also, remember you can ask anything about projectiles in the All Other Editing forum.