Author Topic: How to add AI script descriptions using Near Infinity  (Read 13182 times)

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How to add AI script descriptions using Near Infinity
« on: July 11, 2012, 06:25:13 AM »
How to add AI script descriptions using Near Infinity (IEEP can also be used).
(by: VelvetFreak)
This is probably a good exercise for a first-time mod: It's easy to follow (I hope) and has a pretty low disaster threshold. Nevertheless, I will include instructions for restoring your game if anything does go wrong.


Script descriptions require the modification of two files - the Dialog.tlk, and SCRPDESC.2DA. The 2DA file is part of a larger file and requires extracting to the Override folder (easier than it sounds!). However the Dialog.tlk will be overwritten, so first of all:

Backup your Dialog.tlk file. For example, copy it to a folder called Backup, or make a copy and rename it Dialog.old.

Open the game using Near Infinity. Going to the Tools menu, select Edit Strings. It will warn you to have a backup of your Dialog.tlk file. We've done that already, haven't we?

Click the Add button. This will create a new string at the end of the index. We will need two entries for each script, a Title and a Description. Type in the String box your first script title, eg. FIGHTER - AGGRESSIVE: . An important change is needed to the "Unknown" line in Attributes (1st line). Click on the line and an editing box will appear, change the value of 00 00 to 03 00. Now click the Update field button. Don't ask me what this does, I have no idea, but without it the text won't appear in the game.

[The unknown field is actually the entry type in the TLK file. 0 is blank, while 3 is standard string - Sim]

This next bit is important. Take a note of the StrRef number. We'll need that for later.

Click the Add button again, following the same process as above. This entry is for the description. Put a layman's description of the script's behaviour in the String box. Try not to write a novel like I did . Again, take a note of the StrRef number. And at the end of the description, put the following: (