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Ninafer and Other NPCs
« on: April 08, 2005, 05:14:40 AM »
Since I did this for The Undying with Callisto, I'll do the same with Nina. Her likes and dislikes of other NPCs.

Imoen They will get along. Besides teaching her a thing or two about spell casting, she will teach Imoen about a way of stealing also.

Minsc She will be annoyed with Boo, because he is always taking food from her pouch. She finds Minsc interesting because of his simple ways. She will consider him a very good friend towards the end of the game.

Jaheira They will get along. Nothing special here.

Yoshimo Won't be pretty when his treachery is revealed. Especially since he is associated with Irenicus.

Aerie She would treat  her like a younger sister. They will get along great. Aerie is naive of course and Nina will teach her not to be.

Nalia She doesn't care much for her being stuck up.

Anomen She likes him. They will "bicker" in the game but for her part she does it because she likes him.

Korgan She doesn't like him. They even come close to blows.

Viconia Hates her being a drow and a priestess of Shar. She only tolerates her in the group because of her and <CHARNAME>'s past.

Jan Finds him annoying. She is not into jokes after all.

Valygar She finds his prejudice against mages and magic disturbing. Doubtful they will be best buds.

Keldorn She likes him. She looks up to him like a father figure.

Haer Dalis' Considers him an oddity

Edwin ??

Cernd She gets along with him. They both share an interest in herbs and herbal lore.

Mazzy She gets along with her. They are fellow "knights" after all.
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