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Community Prefix List

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November 3rd, 2001, 1:57am

This is a repeat of the post from the old forums, although I can't remember any of them.

What a prefix is for:  A custom prefix will ensure that none of your custom items, spells, creatures, etc. will be overwritten by anyone else's work.

I, for instance, use J# before everything.

Places to use it:

- Item filenames, spell filenames, bam filenames, script filenames, etc.
- Areas.  ICM currently only accepts ARxxxx.are for filenames
- *IETME v2 allows any file name for areas.*
- Globals in Scripts (i.e. SetGlobal("J#MyGlobal","GLOBAL",1)
- Death variables in CRE files
- Anything else that you could think of that might be overwritten

Okay, here's the list...
Ghreyfain    J#
Forgotten Wars    FW
Termlem's Keep Mod    TK
KenTeamBG    !x, where x is a number or letter
Ajoc    AJ
Alaron    WW
Andy Halfelf    AH,TDT
Apocalypse Razel    AR
Arnel    AP
Arundor    AU
Blooddrinker    IL
Bonesinger    BS
cbisson    CB
cuervo_br    br
daigoro    dg
Dark Awakenings    DA
darkholy    DHS,ARDH
Dashgar    OD
Deano99    De
Death    FWD
Def-Je_Betor    DEF
Denethorn    DEN, DTH
duckyjr    DK
Grisbilen    G
Falconari    Fal
Heron    PB
hunger    BW
hlidskialf    HF
Iconius Rathmor    IR
Inferno    psq, InfM, AR8000-AR8100
japheth    JP
Jaysyn    JY_
Jeradin    JR
Kai    TK, JF
Kingrames    K!
Krondor    TG, KR_
Lord_Agamemnon    LA
Lone Wolf    LW
MageDuel    MD
Malnefein    M_
MaltanarTeamBG    MT
Manveru    WE,ARM,ARF,ARP
MaryMagus    MM
MaskedMarauder    dod
Necaradan    N
Oomph    OO
Peks    MP
PixieButt    pxb
Potencius    PO,DD
Python    KH,PY
Rika_Catgirl    RCS
RoJadre    RO
Savage    SA
Shadowind    SW?
Shai'tan    STC
SM-Gorefiend    SMG
Solamnic    SO
Solaufein_Xiltyn    CSX
Taleisin    TAL, TA
Taverne the l'Elfe    TE
TheMindsEye    LOD
ToddTeamBG    TL
Tsabo_Tavok    TT
Vaskez, FragileAlliance    VK,FA,AR6500-AR6700(for FA)
Vail_Woodshadow    00 (zero, zero) and DMJ
whwilliams    W_
Xaos Bob    XB
Yorleen    YOR, YR for areas

Post yours here and I will update this list.

Thanks to Vaskez for posting the first list. (AND helping out with the table!   lol)

November 3rd, 2001, 3:06am

STC for me thanks

November 3rd, 2001, 3:21am

User MOD Team Prefix(es)
Ajoc AJ
Andy Halfelf AH,TDT
Arundor AU
Blooddrinker IL
Bonesinger BS
cbisson CB
Dark Awakenings DA
darkholy DHS,ARDH
Deano99 De
ForgottenWars FW
Ghreyfein J#,J#_,AR#
hlidskialf HF
Inferno psq,InfM,AR8000-AR8100
Jaysyn JY_
KenTeamBG !0 to !9 and !A to !Z
Lord_Agamemnon LA
MageDuel MD
MaryMagus MM
MaskedMarauder dod
Peks MP
Potencius PO,DD
Python KH,PY
Shadowind SW?
Shai'tan ST
Taleisin TAL
TheMindsEye LOD
ToddTeamBG TL
Vaskez,FragileAlliance VK,FA,AR6500-AR6700(for FA)

November 3rd, 2001, 4:06am

MaltanarTeamBG: MT

November 3rd, 2001, 11:47am

Let's keep this one handy for a while. *Gives post the tenacity of a well made spitball*


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