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Project ReadMe
« on: December 04, 2011, 03:18:59 PM »
******** Yoshimo Romance *********
********                 *********
********** version 1.0 ***********

by Lava Del'Vortel


Yoshimo Romance is a mod for BG2: SoA & ToB that makes Yoshimo, an infamous bounty hunter from original BG2 game, romanceable.
Already curious, my friend? Are you already pondering what this mod includes? What kind of ToB content? Ah, that's excellent. Your curiosity is already a kind of payback.


Mod includes 16 timered talks with Yoshimo (pre-Brynnlaw) plus those fired by circumstances - including talk in Brynnlaw and at entrance of Spellhold. Those who love reading may also install additional portion of text - dialogues for both male and female players fired by in-game events. Another options are PIDs and ToB part.
In this mod you will also find some new talks with Imoen (about Yoshimo), 3 talks with Anomen (romance conflict), 2 new cutscenes, new minor characters connected with the romance plot.
Mod also includes some items, a small and hidden in-game quest, new bam files and music tracks, as well as an area in ToB.


Mod includes talks fired by the content of: TotDG, Innershade, ToD, Assassinations.


Mod should be compatible with most WeiDU mods (including Yoshimo Friendship, however YF talks won't fire if you romance Yoshimo. If your charname doesn't match requirements, Yoshimo Friendship talks will fire)
Romance is incompatible with Keeping Yoshimo.
Romance won't fire if you have/had Kachiko Nakanishi in your party.

Romance Requirements:

To romance Yoshimo you must be an elven/half-elven/human/tiefling female of charisma 13 or higher.
To discover post-Brynnlaw content you must have succesfully completed pre-Brynnlaw content.

How to install the mod:

As every WeiDU. Un-zip "YoshimoRomance" directory and "Setup-YoshimoRomance.exe" to main BG2 directory. Run .exe and follow instructions. Don't close the window until you're asked to!


Mod author - Lava Del'Vortel
Tips, proofreading and some advices - SisterVigilante
Proofreading - Shadowhawke, Ipsissimus, Sheid, Izzy, HighTimeRodeo
Bam files - Trista, Kwiat_W, Miloch
Cutscenes: Picollo
Music: Lunatic Soul (Yoshimo Theme), Higurashi OST
Portrait Source: NWN Vault
Adjusted Portrait: MiLeah
Betatesters - Dark, Simi, Trista, Li

Thanks to everyone who play my mods and all members of the modding communities. Not only those world-known, but also the Polish one - Children of Bhaal.
Note that Yoshimo is original BIOWARE Baldur's Gate 2 character, it's not me who created the NPC.

Version History:

April 2011 - v.BETA6:
-Initial release

June 2011 - version 1.0
-Another proofreading by SisterVigilante
-Some additional lines in timered romance talks
-Additional background of Yoshimo's past introduced by PIDs
-Two new talked fired by circumstances
-New Anomen talk for ToB
-Additional dream in ToB
-Revised Yoshimo hidden quest
-PIDs moved to core component
-Slightly stronger Yoshimo's Katana +1
-New katana bam
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