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Aeon Project FAQ
« on: August 06, 2011, 04:31:48 PM »
Q: Who is Aeon?
A: A new NPC, impulsive mage dual-classed to thief. He doesn't have many levels as mage. He just wanted to know some trick that would make it easier to get out of troubles.

Q: Are there many dialogues?
A: I think so. Well, females will get only a few, but there is brand new relationship paths called "brotherhood".

Q: Is this a kind of...romance?
A: No, it's not. He's not a gay, if that's what you ask.

Q: Isn't this character a bit like marry-sue / garry-stu?
A: Maybe, but it's my very first project I started. It was created long time ago, before Colours of Infinity and even my Polish projects. I put a lot of effort in it and I just wanted to release it.

Q: Why the hell does a human have a moonblade?!
A: Just play the mod and find the answer on your own, please.

Q: Why did it take you so long to release the project?
A: It needed a LOT of proofreading.

Q: Are there any crossmod banters?
A: Well, it was written some time ago, but I believe there is an additional talk about Varshoon... Oh, and there are some new banters with Xan! Install Kulyok's Xan first, please!

Q: Is there a ToB portion?
A: Yes, it's included in the mod! Note that this mean ToB is essential to install Aeon NPC.

Q: Does this mod violate FR rules?
A: I'm not sure. Probably. I mean, it's an old project, I knew very little about FR while writing this NPC, so...

Q: Can I write a crossmod banter between Aeon NPC and X MOD?
A: Sure, just let me know!

Q: Is this a CoI mod?
A: No.
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