Author Topic: Dalin and Roseli - A tragic love story  (Read 2818 times)

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Dalin and Roseli - A tragic love story
« on: May 11, 2011, 05:58:56 PM »
Dalin and Roseli - To be updated regularly? Maybe?

This is a rough outline of Dalin and Roseli!

Why are you creating this thread when you actually haven't prove yourself to be a good modder?

Because I actually feel an attachment to these npcs, if you're a writer you'll understand what I mean. I feel a need to tell their story, and even if I can't actually finish them I want this to be here. I will get the dialogue done at the very least and if I can't get it to work I'll find someone who can help. It would actually be perfect if I had a partner in working on this, like someone who can actually code... because I am absolute shit at this. I also want feedback on if anyone is actually interested in Dalin and Roseli. Even if you're not though I'm making them for me  >_>

Who are Dalin and Roseli?

Dalin and Roseli are two romanceable NPCs with a story of their own to be explored. You will be able to travel with either of these characters and will not have to travel with both to experience their story however travelling with both will allow you to experience the full tragedy that is their story.

What classes are they?
Dalin is a fighter and Roseli is a thief.

What alignments are they?
Dalin is True Neutral and Roseli is Chaotic Neutral.

What are their stats?
This will come later

What is this story?
You'll find out <3 I don't really want to give it all away, as that would ruin the surprise but there IS actually a story this time, and I like to think it's a very, very good one.

Who is Dalin and why isn't he Dale?
Dalin is the natural evolution of Dale. He is a character who has experienced a terrible event in his life that has changed him as a person. Instead of being the happy and go lucky figure that was Dale, he is the jaded and morose figure that's only reason for existence is finding Roseli. There is a lot more to him than this simple story, and you will come to explore that as you travel with him.

Who is Roseli? Why isn't she Rosehip?
I found that the simple tale I had of a boy looking for his sister was actually a very simplistic one. Roseli was a character that kind of developed without me realising it, as I thought about changing who she was to Dale. In making her his bride-to-be, she changed fundamentally as a character and could no longer be the person who you never actually meet or interact with. So came Roseli, a woman who was captured from her village and sold to slavers. She has been broken, but not beaten, in being a slave her personality was reforged and has created a very interesting and seductive woman who has no qualms about practically anything... or does she? She only recently escaped and is only now discovering who she really is.

Why are you so terrible at keeping to plans?
Because my life is a jumbled mess and I don't usually realise just how crappy my story ideas are until I actually try to develop them. Dale was a whimsical idea, but once I really thought about how Dale would be effected by coming home to find someone he cared about taken I realised I had to rewrite the whole idea. Hopefully this will be a whole load better than Dale... and hopefully I'll actually finish it XD

Will there be Player initiated dialogue?
I couldn't get this to work with Dale, but I'm hoping to find out what I was doing wrong and getting Roseli and Dalin to have flirts.

Will there be explicit sex?
Yes. Why? Because I write this so well. Or I like to think I do. I probably don't. But oh well, we'll see.

Stages of developement:
1. Creation of Dalin and Roseli as npcs. One to two banters with each Bioware NPC and quite a few with the PC to create a friendship track.

2. Creation of the PC romance track and addition of reactions to events in the world. IE Quest reactions... etc

3. Implementation of their interactivity. IE The actual relationship between Roseli and Dalin.
Dale is still alive as of 23/9/10