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Yoshimo Romance released
« on: April 23, 2011, 11:45:43 PM »
Hi, people!
After months of my work the official beta of the Yoshimo Romance is up!


Yoshimo Romance is a project which introduce brand new romance for infamous rogue - Yoshimo. Curious yes, my friend? The mod includes plenty of content for both SoA and ToB portions of Baldur's Gate 2. Apart from the core component, players can install optional PIDs, additional non-romantic talks, and the already mentioned ToB part of the mod.
I did my best in creating this mod - it offers you a sad romance strongly linked with the plot of Baldur's Gate 2: SoA. Even though after Jon's death romance could possibly end, I decided to add ToB part.
I did my best in making him as in-character as possible, but writing mods is always somehow subjective. It's hard to make a romance for character who's usually hiding all cards in his hand. Again, I did my best.
Note that this romance is written as extension of his original plot, so his fate is somehow written...but even a condamned soul shall be remembered.

For now the mod shall be among mini-mods of G3. What shall happen to it later? We'll see. I need some of your feedback. The romance is less standard than some other, but is Yoshimo a standard NPC? Heh, I doubt, my friend! I'd call him a man of surprise!

So, now I'm waiting for some opinions! But first of all... happy gaming and wealthy Easter!

Download page (at the bottom of mini-mods' page)
G3 thread (waiting for some feedback :) )
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