Author Topic: The Darkest Day version 1.14 Changelog before release  (Read 13121 times)

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The Darkest Day version 1.14 Changelog before release
« on: September 19, 2010, 10:12:24 PM »
As I did with the previous Check the Bodies and Darkest Day release, I will put a list of current changes so people that contributed can see if I missed anything. or I can see if I missed anything. :o

Here are the goods:


Note: Please have the Worldmap mod (required)


downloaded and EXTRACTED ONLY before Installing The Darkest Day.
This will make sure your worldmap files get updated ESPECIALLY
if you plan to use the Revised Travel Times Component of Worldmap with
The Darkest Day modification and for better compatibility.

* Requires the BG2fixpack at least the Core fixes component to install

Happy Gaming!!

v1.14: Changes/fixes from v1.13
1. Italian translation added by ilot.

2. Updated to WeiDU version 220.

3. DDMANSH2.ITM fixed by Miloch.

4. MXSPLPAL.2da level 50 ruleset appending fixed by Wisp.

5. Rolled back scripts for TDD NPC and their quests. An attempt was made in 1.13 to allow BGT versions of NPC's to get the TDD quests as well.
Epic fail and this attempt is completely ignored. Install TDD after BGT for TDD NPC's to have their quests function. Install BGT after
TDD to have imported BGT NPC's from BG1 to get the quests offered by TDD.

6. Added a string missing in all WeiDU versions for DDNAMCH1.ITM. If applied, the title for Charname is changed. In order to achieve
a proper name change depending on sex, DDNAMCH2 was added and uses a different string. In the Engliash translation file, the two names are identical but are different in other langauges
depending on a different title if the character is male or female. @21782 and @21783 in the TP2.TRA is where this is found.

7. Script typos and fixes by Lollorian and appended DDPOCT1B.BAF to allow a male or female title change. See #6 above.

8. Append SHOUTIDS.IDS fix by Miloch.

9. Re-edited the DRAGTOPE.BAF and changed MINUTE timers to ROUNDS to prevent choppy actions and better playability. Works better and we no longer need
The Super Happy Funlucky Modder component of BG2 fixpack.

10. * Added a BG2 fixpack core component check so installation will fail immediately if the component is not installed.

11. MHSWD.ITM changed to be used by Mage Hunter kit. It may unlock usability by Wizard Slayer now but it is a start. Also changed the BAM
(ddmhswd.bam) to look unique. BAM downloaded from

12. Strengthened the extra spawn script in AR0602 as there was some weird looping going on. <>

The bad:
Concerning the BGT and TDD thing (#6) with universal harmony for quest completion by any version of Kagain, Shar-Teel, Kivan,and Xzar, I have decide to drop it . I may retrieve my edits and repackage them in some alternate archive and if anyone wants to use them, they can.  I just won't update it at all or support it but if anyone wants to add to it they can.  No credit to me should be given, just credit the two mods.

I do it in my installations anyway so I can tell you what you need for install order.

The ugly:

Still a random crash in ARPO28 (existed since the earliest version 1.0.3 and I haven't checked in 1.0.2d so maybe there is hope).  If anyone can shed more light on the error I can try editing the area but it looks to be in the WED file.

IESDP says this about the error message for WED errors:


# Bit 2 : There appears errors and game crushes ( Assertion failed in ChVidPoly.cpp, line 523) , however there are some condition when it works ok (used in AR0300 in BG2) but exact results are unknown at the moment.

As the error says, it is random and I know for sure it is avoidable, just have a few strong save points throughout the riddles.

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The Darkest Day version 1.14 Changelog before rele...
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2010, 12:59:05 AM »
Hi Hoppy, I would like remember you the problem about the pirate and him "horse heart"  

See here:

I replied in spellhold forum but I prefer tell you in this too!!!!

The Item code is : "calheart"  

Let me know!!

And thank you!!