Author Topic: Bug Getting to Spellhold with Saerileth  (Read 4088 times)

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Bug Getting to Spellhold with Saerileth
« on: September 15, 2010, 11:32:43 AM »
I need some help. I decided to give the Paladin Path to Spellhold a try but it doesnt work, Clarenshide wont talk to me. Facts about my Install:

I have the latest version of Dungeon Be Gone, Saerileth, Angelo,  and Banter (without the acceleration) installed. i am pretty sure it was in this order, installed. My Party consists of

Me, Cleric of Lathander (have finished all my Stronghold stuff)



Edwin (Since I wanted to keep him as my primary arcane caster, I cheated him to Lawful Neutral with Shadowkeeper)

Angelo (I finished his NPC Quest up till the final fight with Sawara (I cant beat him now, so I wanted to wait till Chapter 6))



I have Saerileth in my Party - Romance is working fine, but has paused a bit after the "Road of Life" LT. I am past the Abduction and Edorem Jealosy arc.

I have slain Khalabaxin, but the Quest is registered as BOTH finished and still open in my Journal. But I dont think this is the problem of the bug.

After Clarenshide told me about the Vampires I agreed, but I didnt force him to promise me entrance to the Spellhold - then my Journal went on to Chapter 3 (and all the Quests (e.g. Planar Sphere) are registered in Chapter 3 now, and I already had the Insert where Irenicus breaks out).

I went on to defeat the Vampires, killed every single enemy in Bodhis Lair and imapled them. Including Lassalle, who had her talk sequence. Bodhi however did NOT show up, and this quest did not get updated.

As a sidenote, Haz, the Henchling unfortunately got killed by someone, I hope that wasnt me -.-

Its been Years since I last played through, but isnt Bodhi supposed to show up, fight you and vanish?

And when I go to Clarenshide now, I only get the "Hes busy crap".

PLS I need help, I like this much quite a frellin' bit and dont want to do it the shadow thief way this time.

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Re: Bug Getting to Spellhold with Saerileth
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2010, 12:09:52 PM »
Garf, I am sorry. Looks like I staked everyone except for Lassale, since her Coffin wasnt clickable the first time.

Now I am Brynnlaw and (almost) everything appears to be fine. Although I am suspecting the Banter Packs doesnt work in my configuration, since I feel like getting even LESS banter than normal. On the other Hand, the only Bioware NPCs I have are Minsc Yoshimo and Edwin, who dont get along very well anyway. But I certainly hope that changes when Imoen joins. The Banter between Angelo and the others however seems normal.

So, I wonder if I can just reinstall the Banter Pack without starting anew. (I believe its Version 8).

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Re: Bug Getting to Spellhold with Saerileth
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2010, 03:01:47 PM »
I would not uninstall/reinstall mods on a current saved game. Things can get funny with your saved game if you do.
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Re: Bug Getting to Spellhold with Saerileth
« Reply #3 on: January 27, 2012, 02:43:35 AM »
I had this same problem...Tried the "no active magic resistance" solution to no avail. Reloaded several times and Biddekelorak froze one time also. Ultimately, when Saerileth was the only frozen npc, I killed her with ctrl+y and upon being raised she functioned normally. I hope this helps someone.
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