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Drow Change
« on: August 30, 2010, 05:10:46 AM »
Hi! First off, Neh'taniel is awesome. I love what you've done with him - great character idea, well balanced and some really cool features in there (it took me AGES to work out why the healing spells weren't working. Heh heh. Very cool). Thanks for putting in all this effort for us!!

Just a couple of things:
Does his ring weigh 90lbs? 'Cause with a max carrying capacity of 150lbs, 90 taken up doesn't leave a lot of room to manoeuver...
Also, it seems like he forces Adalon's drow change on the party, even if they have the Tweaks 'No Drow Avatar' thing installed. This caused an issue for me, as Shapeshifter Rebalancing with the drow change causes a CTD whenever you equip the paw. I got around it by uninstalling the Shapeshifter Rebalancing for Chapter 5, but just in case someone else has the problem it might be an idea to note it somewhere in the read-me (it might have just been a problem on my end, though). The spider thing was pretty awesome, though. Great idea!

And something that was probably just my issue - I didn't get any journal reading talks. He *said* he was going to read a few entries just after fighting Bodhi for the 1st time (I think I rested in the graveyard and got the talk) and then nothing after that. What circumstances are these meant to occur in?? Are they area specific?

None of these are real problems or anything, I just thought I'd post to ask.

Thanks again!! If you ever need any proofreading or editing done, give me a shout! I'd love to give you a hand.

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Re: Drow Change
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2010, 10:56:56 AM »
First off, Thank you for your kind words :) I'm not the one who created Neht tho, I took over the mod a few years ago to finish it.

Yes Neht's ring is very heavy, it was done on purpose since he has no body, he shouldn't be able to carry things other than what he starts with. Also.... the drow change, yes it does. I believe that it was the only way to make Neht's change work. The "read to the PC"  talks concerning his journal were never finished before I took over the mod and at the time, I didn't feel I had enough background on Neht to do it. I'll be working on Neht again tho, as other places as well need more content.
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