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Typos in v7
« on: April 02, 2012, 09:59:10 AM »
Some potential typos in v7:


@0    = ~Hallo, <MAN_WOMAN>, what can Captain Ruby do for ye this <DAYNIGHT>?~

<MAN_WOMAN> -> <PRO_MANWOMAN> or <MANWOMAN> (or does <MAN_WOMAN> work? It isn't listed in the IESDP at

@4    = ~How would a person go about getting into the assylum?~

assylum -> asylum

@27   = ~Well, I'll not be hearin' ye use that word to me face agaain, that's for sure. I'm an honest captain, and I've a decent, gods-fearin' crew, so mind yer manners around me, <GIRLBOY>, an' we'll be gettin' along just fine.~

agaain -> again

@144  = ~We do have an understanding, Anomen, and isn't going to change. We need to be apart for a little while, but we'll be back together soon, I swear.~

and isn't -> and that isn't

@300  = ~Minsc sent home.
I sent Minsc home aboard the Sea Bird. He says she will return to the Copper Coronet.~

she -> he

@302  = ~[RUBY] Ye're in luck, then, my friend. Miniature giant space hamsters travel free. It'll stil cost 10,000 gold to transport you, though.~

stil -> still

@385  = ~Sorry, I must have bumped you accidentlly.~

accidentlly -> accidentally

@417  = ~The majesty of nature is best appreciated when some mysteries remian.~

remian -> remain

@422  = ~Can you really do spells? I mean, if I wanted you to teleport you and I to a remote paradise where we could undisturbed for a few hours, could you do it?~

could undisturbed -> could be undisturbed

@512  = ~Lay off 'im girl, or Cap'n Ruby'll toss ye off th' ship. Ye knows she said she'd sack ye if she caught ye at it agian.~

agian -> again

@517  = ~You're an exotic-looking one, aren't you? What do say we step around the corner there and I'll show you a little thing I picked up in Calimport.~

What do say -> What do you say


@105  = ~Haer'Dalis found traveling with <CHARNAME> a fine introduction to the Realms, and once they parted company he was eager to see more. He visited such varied locales as Waterdeep, Neverwinter, and Thay, eventually fleeing each one after innocently immersing himself in local troubles. Later he would befriend a female Cambion and return with her to the Abyss, only to unintentionally end up leading a revolt on several layers of the hells. For a time, Haer'Dalis was the most-hunted man among the planes, but the ire of his enemies could not match his wanderlust, and he eventually found his way back to the city of Sigil unharmed in any permanent fashion. There he rejoined Raelis's acting troupe and was pleased to finally settle down - until the next misunderstanding, of course.~

Raelis's -> Raelis'

@10022   = ~Most magical swords were forged centuries ago, in far off, exotic lands, but not Wraith's Bane. This scimitar was made in Calimport quite recently, and it was intended as a gift to a paladin of Kelemvor to assist her in her task of eradicating the undead, but it was never delivered. Instead, it was smuggled out of the smithy by a disgruntled apprentice and sold to an unsuspecting merchant in exchange for a considerable amount of black lotus. From there, the weapon made its way northward, frequently changing hands, as it seemed to attracted undead as readily as it slew them. Should its present owner encounter a Calishite paladin complaining of the theft of a sword and return the scimitar, perhaps this curse might be lifted, though the probability of either remain slim.

attracted -> attract

@10025   = ~This dull, heavy dagger seems to suck warmth and energy out of the very air around it. It is uncertain where this weapon was made, or by whom, but its maker surely intended it for some ill use.

Damage:  1D4 + 4
THAC0:  +4 bonus
Effect:  15% Chance of Level Drain
Damage type:  piercing
Weight: 1
Speed Factor: 0
Proficiency Type: Dagger
Type:  1-handed
Requires: 3 Strength
Not Usable By:

Looking at the item in NI it looks like it should be:
Damage: 1D6 + 4
Requires: 3 Strength, 3 Dexterity

Abilities: Target must save vs. wand or have movement rated slowed by 2 (for 45 seconds).  Wielder of the sword is immune to slow and stun effects.

rated -> rate

@10031   = ~The grotesque pommel onamentation on this well-balanced throwing dagger suggests its lethality. The blade is deceptively clean, but deadly poison glimmers in a channel that runs the length of the steel. The poison cannot be replenished, but even once it is depleted, the enchantments remain. The dagger returns to the wielder once thrown.

onamentation -> ornamentation

@10040   = ~Girdle of Damage Control:  'The Untouchable'
    Whether prudent or merely paranoid, the creator of this magical belt endowed it with enchantments that protect the wearer to some degree from all forms of physical damage. The items properties are about the only facts that are known, however. Its last owner was said to have won it while playing at dice.

items -> item's

@10046   = ~Leather Armor of Stealth +3: 'Griegg's Case'

For a dozen years, Captain Griegg Olaf ruled the Sea of Swords between Luskan and the Ten Towns. He attributed his success in part to this supple, yet protective armor, but in truth, his sovereignty probably persisted as long as it did because no one wanted to fight him for that little-traveled sea route. What is certain, however, is that the armor's ability to blend into the shadows helped him escape when his boasting in a Luskan tavern drew the attention of the Hosttower. After that, Greigg sold his armor, moved to Waterdeep, and opened a cheese shop.

Greigg -> Griegg

@10048   = ~Narfell, an Empire of Ghosts

Once, Narfell was a thriving empire under Nentyarch of Tharos, who conquered and united the surrounding kingdoms between -970 DR and -946 DR. At its zenith, the Nar Empire extended beyond its current borders of Lake Ashane in the east and the Giantspire Mountains in the west, and included much of Thesk, the Great Dale, and part of Thay. Though the emperor held titular authority, the real power in the Nar Empire was held by the priests, who enlisted the armies of demon lords through blood rituals. Perhaps their power was spread too thin, or perhaps their arrogance too great, because in the Year of Clipped Wings, -623 DR, the Nar's simultaneous invasions of both Unther and Mulhorand ended in epic failure. This failed attempt at expanding the empire weakened it substantially, making it an attractive target for the Raumathari Empire. The Year of the Stone Giant, -160 DR, found both empires locked in a war that would last for decades and decimate the population of both realms. Narfell's demon lords were not enough to save it. Both empires were crushed, and their inhabitants scattered.

Narfell's displaced survivors might have sworn to rebuild the empire, but it never came to pass. Too much had been lost to ever be regained. Now, the Nar peoples exist as barbarian tribes, merely trying to survive the next winter. Narfell's glorious history is reduced to tattered shreds of legend, and its majectic cities are no more than haunted ruins scattered across the cold, harsh landscape.~

majectic -> majestic[/spoiler]

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Re: Typos in v7
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2014, 12:27:12 PM »
Any chances for an update and include those fixes?
You cannot have progress without changes...

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Re: Typos in v7
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2015, 09:55:28 PM »
Is berelinde still around at any of the other forums? Haven't seen her in ages.
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