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Mod Archives
« on: February 17, 2010, 02:25:53 AM »
I have a rather large collection of mods from the past. If you ever find a reference to one, or remember playing it years ago and it is MIA, post it here. With any luck, I might have a copy.

I will say there are three I am looking for that I do not currently have copies of anymore. Anyone who can help me get my hands on copies of these will make me a very happy guy.

  • Harvey NPC by Grim Squeaker. - He seems displeased with this mod, so I doubt I will ever be lucky enough to find a copy. I keep hoping one day he will change his mind and shoot me a copy for my personal collection.
  • Wheel of Time for BG1. - This is is an OLD mod, back from the original TeamBG days, when your choices for mods were DSoTC or.... well, there was this one. It was an item pack that added a bunch of items to the default stores in the game, as well as a few portraits to your portrait folder. Some of them were more then a little over-powered, all the same, I would still like to have it.
  • Raistlin NPC by -KingMick- - This was created a while back (03/19/2006). He took a lot of flack from people over his mod, and while it did not have much content, I pride myself on having a complete collection. It was hosted at which is long gone now.

As for my archives, some of them I cannot share due to the author/maintainer's wishes (a good example is Krondor), but most of them I will be happy to make available to anyone who wants/needs them.
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