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« on: February 04, 2010, 10:58:24 PM »
     Rylorn, the Blackguard NPC, has potential.  He was enjoyable to play through in my all evil party and certainly has a unique concept backing him that reminded me alot of Kido.  Rylorn is fairly easy to acquire in the game, will keep you focused on staying evil & will leave if your rep gets too high.  His first quest vs the Radiant Heart Paladins is refreshingly brutal, and has a realistic follow up aftermath quest of sorts as well.  His banters are appropriate, hateful and spiteful to your other party members, and is a good, solid evil tank npc.  He has both SoA and Tob content-good stats without being overpowered, and no fixed items, so you can gear him out as you wish.  Oh, and his current voicing is top notch.
     That said, Rylorn does have some serious drawbacks.  His second quest in chapter six is buggy as heck. So much so that I was unable to complete it.  One of the npcs in the front of his temple kept approching me as if to talk, but I couldnt get him to communicate, or work in any way.  Minor drawbacks include the merchant in his temple having to close out his trade/talk twice in order to finish your bussiness; Rylorns decision to hang out with you after doing his first mission--he seems kinda bored with temple duties and just follows me around killing stuff.  His superior should tell him to "spread the word of Cyric by aiding the child of Bhaal" or something.  Finally, he makes alot of good threats vs the other party members, but then never follows up on them--I kept expecting him to stick a sword in Edwards guts half the game but it never came-shrug.  He does have banters in ToB which was kewl, but no quest--not even a minor one. 
        Finally, I like to use 3 yard sticks when testing NPCs for quality control-Salvanus the bar fly in the copper coranet (for girl npcs of course), the fortune teller outside of Trademeet, and Volo in Saradush.  Rylorn passed the fortune teller, but Volo had nothing on him.  Minor points to be sure, but always nice to see this attention to detail.  Last thoughts-a good mod if you can get it to work right, and I would love to see this mod expanded and fleshed out, esp if it could tie into and work with the Kido mod.  My rating--5/10