Author Topic: TeamBG's Petition BioWare for release of IE source & tools  (Read 2016 times)

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TeamBG's Petition BioWare for release of IE source & tools
« on: November 05, 2009, 01:25:05 PM »
This was a good discussion back in July 2001.

Okay, this is a post to denote the official "TeamBG Petition to BioWare for the Release of IE Source Code and Related Tools".

Anyone wanting to post or email ppl about this petition (please don't spam people) use this URL:

The intent of this petition is to show the support and wishes of the public pertaining to the release of Infinity Engine source code and/or tools (and their source code) and any and all supporting media and/or data required by said tools or the engine itself.

The possible outcomes desired as a result of this petition is anything within the range of minimal tool or engine source release to all source and tools released for public (or select group) useage. �Desired also is a license with preferably the right for any resulting games made by said source/tools or derivative of said source/tools to be able to be offered commercially with any restrictions or limitations deemed appropriate by BioWare in the licensing agreement agreed to upon any individual or group obtaining said source/tools.

Any negotiations needed to conclude how any license agreement breifly described here could be arranged is welcome by TeamBG and its staff.

In conclusion I would like to state the current position of TeamBG and other groups as far as what has been accomplished and not accomplished.

1) A game add-on has been made and released successfully to the public free of charge thus far for BG1/TotSC.

2) Many game add-ons of similar nature are in progress for BG2, BG1, IWD and PST.

3) Many data file formats in the Infinity Engine games are 80% to 100% mapped and understood, as well as editable using various after market third party utilities. �Allowing literally 100's or possibly 1000's of custom made items, spells, BAM's, scripts, dialogs, etc. to be made available for download by players of the official games released using this engine.

4) Many game engine (compiled EXE) restictions and limitations still limit what we would like to achieve.

5) Graphical area editing is somewhat difficult to achieve at this point but is being developed and is probably about 75% to 85% complete at this point in the editing community.

6) The entire editing community for IE games has invested well over 2.5 years into developing methods to edit and add to these games and we hope that due to the retiring of this game engine for commercial purposes by its initial developers/owners that we as highly dedicated and capable fans can unlock the rest of the abilities of the IE engine in similar ways that others have done with released source to other games in the past (such as from id Software).

The method of signing this petition is to email the email address below with either a short or long agreement with these sentiments and any further statements you'd like to make.

Please do not send ANYTHING that is not a positive agreement with these ideas and hopes, as if you do not agree, you simply should not reply with an email.
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