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« on: August 12, 2009, 06:21:43 AM »
                               Baldur‚??s Gate II Sir Neh‚??taniel Modification Pack

Skye Allec <>
Kitanna <> - I have taken over for Skye as she is no longer able to work on this mod.
                      \/ Version 5.5\/

Please read the installation section before installing!

The main point of creating this mod is to introduce an NPC that isn't primarily one-sided in personality, has a whole history of his own, and isn't a pushover.
While Neh'taniel isn't easily bruise-able, he'll very easily die if you try to make him fight a dragon solo. Neh'taniel considers himself to be at the same 'level' of the PC, and will point out conflicting choices the PC makes.
The Sir Neh‚??taniel Mod Pack adds this to BGII:

+ Judicial Knight, Neh‚??taniel of the Amaunatori, is an NPC who can join your party.
+ He is Lawful Neutral, Wraith, and a Judicial Knight paladin class.
+ He will romance an elf, half elf, human, halfling or gnome female pc of non evil alignment if she is not a thief, or an NPC.
+ He comes with special abilities that grow stronger when he reaches certain levels.
+ He does not become abducted by Bodhi, something else happens....
+ He gets turned into something else in the Underdark....
+ His sword has dialogue, even with the only other talking sword in the game.
+ A journal that will update itself when certain levels of experience are reached. As well as "Read to the PC" talks related to his journal.
+ Custom items and spells oh my!
+ Custom paladin kit.
+ Yes, a cheesy theme song.
+ A voice pack.
+ Neh'taniel banters with many of the other joinable NPCs.
+ This mod also introduces other custom characters: Viduan and Sarie.
+ Restoration of the Bioware Slave Lord Quest.


To install a newer version of the Neh‚??taniel Mod, you first have to uninstall the older version.
Just picking ‚??reinstall‚?Ě will cause problems because of the kit in the mod.
It is also highly recommended to do a clean install of BG2 and ToB before placing any updated or new mods within the game.
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn is required, ToB is not required for this alpha.
Any problems if this mod is installed along with others is to be reported and sent to either CoM ( or
To install, unzip the main .ZIP file into your BGII directory, normally: C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\ Click on ‚??Setup-Neht.exe‚?Ě. When it asks you if you want to install just press ‚??y‚?Ě for yes.
You may always uninstall the mod later by re-running ‚??Setup-Neht.exe‚?Ě. When I first tested this mod, it was done on a nearly clean install (as in, no other mods except the Bioware Patch were installed). The Neh'taniel mod should be compatible with other WeiDU-based mods, but, there is still the off chance that this mod will conflict with others.
If you should discover any such conflicts, or discover any bugs within this mod, please report them by posting in the Neh'taniel forum at CoM ( or sending an e-mail to

                   -Compatibility Issues-
+ The Undying mod rewrites Captain Heagan and an important item doesn't drop for Neht's quest. So, if you want to play it with Neh'taniel, be sure to install The Undying before Neht.                   
+ BTL, Beyond the Law, rewrites a portion of Gaelan's dialogue which prevents an important dialogue from taking place. So, I have rewritten the dialogue and set it to fire in another place.

- If you want to have Neh'taniel in the party and work for Mae'var, you may want to install Berelinde's Alternative's mod. Otherwise, Neh'taniel will leave the party if you steal for Mae'var. And no, he won't be waiting in thr Graveyard, he will leave for good.
- If you accept the Thieve's Stronghold...he will leave. And again, no he won't be waiting in the Graveyard.
- Neh'taniel must be summoned by the Fate Spirit in TOB to be in the party. There is no other way to get him.
- Made a change to what happens if Neht dies. It made no sense to me that he should disappear from the party if he dies, he is already dead after all. Even a vampire reforms unless you stake it so, if Neht dies, use a rod of resurrection on him and he'll be ok.         
  If you prefer it the way it was, simply remove the // from the SK#Neht.baf and the SK#Neh25.baf.
- If you are having trouble with Neht's Slaver quest, here is how to do it.
 Start the quest either by his PID upon entering the slums or take him in the Council of Six Building in the Government District.
 Speak with Magistrate Bylana and offer to donate 1000 gold to help the poor. Agree to help her and head for the Slums.
 Captain Haegan will drop a scroll when you kill him, pick it up and take it back to Bylana.
 If you ask for a reward, you get a necklace and the quest ends. Ask her instead what else you can do.
 Offer to meet her patrollers in the Temple district and head there. Wait at the entrance for the soldier to show up.
 Choose the first dialogue option if your ready to proceed and the soldier will escort the party to the Guarded Compound.
 Once inside choose the option about having heard of the slavers, once they portal away, continue further in and kill everything.
 Go upstairs and kill everything there also. After neht speaks, head for the graveyard at night to meet Algol. You will find him over by where Lester spawns.
 Agree to help him and he will take you to a new area where the Enforcer shows up. After you speak to Algol a second time,
 search the area and find the documents. Take those to Bylana for your reward. Rep increase of 2 and a magic license if you haven't purchased one already.
 Known Bugs/Creator's Notes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Version 5.5
 - Fixed a bug with Mook not spawning.
Version 5.4

-Updated weidu
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