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« on: July 17, 2009, 07:51:35 AM »
Update 7-17-09 (now you know what continent I'm on)

Nothing much to report here.  I've been working away making components more polished and full, lots of little things.  Most notably there are two new (very small) components; Fight the Five in Any Order and Amkethran.  So far Any Order just contains a fix for vanilla romances to continue if you put off killing Yaga Shura, and Amkethran add in a ladder so you don't have to climb through someone's house to get to the upper levels. 

Look forward to an improved Fire Temple and Fighting Yaga Shura inside Saradush in the next update!  (I've got an artist working on a new background for the city and don't want to add in actors until I know where the rubble is.  Also, I may have added a dialog file to Chinchilla.  I think she's less random and goofy now.  I may be wrong.)