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Back after a couple years
« on: February 06, 2009, 06:09:00 AM »
Finally doing a BGT/BWP full game, and when I do get to BGII  of coarse I plan on having Saerlith and Minsk as my 2 top characters who will always be in my group (for vastly different reasons).

I wanted to make sure I enjoyed the full Saerileth experience this time, and I truly enjoy the game more (no crippling anxiety about missing stuff or going in wrong order ect) when I have read through a walkthrough for a mod or game or at least skimming as I go.

I know some may be aghast at playing and enjoying an AMAZING game AND MOD in this way but it is true for me.

And as I am starting to get up there in years I would truly love to experience this masterpiece of writing in my of my favorite pc game in my life.  (Amazing literary references in this mod are well... ok in 5 minutes I have not through of the right words... lets just say my words do not express my high opinion) .

... But I am rambling like an old fool. ::)

I h ave spent a lot of time in these forums but have not found a real guide for this mod.  Is there a complete walkthrough (from someone who is a true warrant/authority on the subject as oppose to a intoxicated whippersnapper  {A person regarded as insignificant and pretentious}  who might have played the mod for an hour who considers himself all knowing) for this mod?  I don't mean ones that really deal with the original game, just in all the areas and a recommended order of events where Saerileth is different then say an extra NPC created in Multilayer played by myself.   

If there is some sort of Guide/Walkthough for this mod, or if someone writes one PLEASE post it would mean an awful lot to me.

Thank you for your Time,