Author Topic: saerileth and bodhi  (Read 3134 times)

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saerileth and bodhi
« on: November 30, 2008, 11:22:08 AM »
saerileth didnt get abducted by bodhi, i then moved on assuming that it simply wouldnt happen, there also might have been some sort of interference due to me neglecting the uncompatibility of saeri with the multiple romance option (though i havent persued any of the other options, except for viconias friendship option which came to a sudden halt when they started bickering) and the recent acquiration of aerie to the party, since saeri pissed of viconia might have caused some sort of fuckup in that process...(the other thing is that i never got her quest relating to kesevar, which i only just recently read about in my somewhat delayed search for help over the net)

either way, after killing bodhi saeri, either the one in my party or the wraith...(i kinda remember, but am not sure, the dialog screen panning to the flesh and blood version) tells me that she s a vampire. and obviously i have to save her.
due to my general laziness i tend to use only 2 savegames, quicksave and autosave...which of course are both post the presumed abduction. (the older savegame being me about to become chief lieutnant in soubar, and i really dont want to storm lyrals hold again and do the selences fence stronghold, i.e. a couple of hours of gameplay back)

my question is now this...
does the romance advance like this?
i m guessing not, so can this be fixed with global variables? like saerileth restored or something similar...