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Back To Baldur's Gate v.1 by Ken !!RELEASED!!
« on: October 10, 2008, 07:04:45 AM »
Back To Baldur's Gate (v.1) by Ken K

Back To Baldur's Gate is essentialy a "Harder Enemies" patch, with more
than 130 enemies changed!

These have new Stats/Skills/Scripts to give the player a
much more tactical/satisfying gaming experience.

And of course:
With tougher enemies comes greater XP.

You will need "Tales Of the Sword Coast" and the mod "Dark Side Of the Sword Coast" (Weidu version)
All the files need to be extracted to the Override folder. Please make a backup of the override folder BEFORE doing this. Is it ask if it has to overwrite files say YES


This mod should work with other mods such as The Grey Clan, Nothern Tales of the Sword Coast an Magnus Mods.
Of course, if any of these mods give new items or new dialogues (unlikely) to any of creatures that I have edited,
then the items/dialogue would be lost.

Red Carnelian, without your support I wouldn't have made any of this avaible.
The Chosen Of Mystra, THE moddingcenter for the Infinity Engine!
TEAMBG, Thanks for the great modding tools that you provided us Newbies with!
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