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The Stone of Askavar walkthrough
« on: September 20, 2008, 03:49:22 PM »
Your journey starts after flooding the Cloakwood mines on the Nashkel pass just north of Nashkel. There you encounter some members of the black gauntlet who have ambushed a messenger. Having killed them you find a letter referring to an ancient stone and some talismans. The letter has a lead to a bard called Cearwin who is playing at the fair.

Cearwin offers to play some music for you if you wish to hear it. After quizzing him about the stone you decide to deliver the letter to Aranor in the Burning Wizard in Beregost.

Having delivered the letter to Aranor he fills you in on the stones history and the importance of the talismans. You join their cause against Teldorn and his Banite followers. It is now up to you to get the stone before the enemy do. He suggests you travel back to Nashkel to see if Cearwin has found anything about the lost talismans.

Back at Nashkel,  Cearwin has found the location of four of the five talismans. He also tells you about a group of mercenaries around Dystra's Old Watch tower to the east and asks you to investigate the area.

You now embark on finding all the five talismans that are scattered throughout the Sword Coast.

1)   Bluebell wood.
Situated in the south and accessible south from Dryad falls.
The talisman is protected by a group of three in the SW corner.

2)   Spider cavern.
On a river island in the Nashkel pass area. Full of spiders. The talisman is protected by an old wizard.
3)   Lizzy.
Lizzy is found north of the Burning Wizard in one of the houses. You are to rescue her sister Rebecca who is being held hostage by villians in the SE corner of the temple area.

4)   Carneth the beggar.
Carneth is found in the south of Beregost near the fountain. He asks you to solve one of Sally's puzzles. Answer correctly and he tells you about the talisman. You then have to acquire the Dragons Heart ruby from Feldpost's Inn. When you have done that you get the next talisman.

5)   Dystra's old Watch tower.
Situated in the east and accessible from Mutamins Garden. The area is full of Teldorn's mercenary force and some of the tower's old defences have been activated to work against you. After fighting your way to the tower, inside you have to fight more powerful enemies to get the final talisman. You discover the remains of Kalindra, a Harper agent who was sent to investigate the area also.

Now you have all the talismans, Cearwin directs you to the Wood of Sharp teeth to retrieve the stone. The entrance to the underground chamber is in the Bandit camp area where the old ruins are. The underground chamber has been discovered by the enemy who have managed to bypass the wards and get inside. You interrupt them just as they are about to start a sacrifice. After a pitch battle you recover the stone and travel back to Beregost where you collect your reward.
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