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« on: May 29, 2008, 06:36:24 AM »
Midnight was a female human mage who played a pivitol role during the Time of Troubles when the Gods walked the land. In the end Ao elevated her to godhood to replace the destroyed Mystra whose role was too important to leave unattended. Midnight has since grown into the role left behind by Mystra.


Midnight, born Ariel Manx, is the second child of Theus Manx a merchant and his wife Paiyse. Midnight has an elder sibling named Rysanna who assumed the role of the family's demure 'princess' whenever wealthy suitors called. As a teenager Midnight became familiar part the night's populance of bards, thieves, sorcerers and fighters. She was eventually nicknamed 'Midnight' by her friends, one she immediately preferred to Ariel.

Midnight's first taste of magic began with her tryst with the conjurer Tad and set her on her path. She began to exhibit less interest in former hedonistic pursuits and more in the quest for magical knowledge and training. In short she became more obsessed in her magical quest.

Midnight eventually moved out of the family home. It was during this time that she fell into the worship of Mystra. Midnight attracted the attentions of Mystra during her time of service in the temple. From her 21st year on she began to feel a presence from time to time. She would feel her skin tingle cooly and felt that she was somehow being followed or observed. After such attentions, she always found that spells which she had laboured over for weeks would suddenly work without any problem. Midnight suspected that she had been granted special attention of the goddess herself and believed that she was being groomed for the position of Magister.

Sunlar, high priest of the Deepingdale temple of Mystra, took her under his supervision. It was during this time that Midnight's knowledge of self-defense and magic improved leaps and bounds. Midnight spent a year in the temple at Deepingdale before she left. For the next three years she devoted herself to Mystra's worship and pursued every scrap of magic she could.

During the Time of Troubles, when the gods were cast down by Ao, Midnight joined with Kelemvor Lyonsbane, Cyric and Adon in the search for the Tablets of Fate. Eventually Ao selected Midnight to replace the destroyed Mystra.
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