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Storm Silverhand


Storm Silverhand (The Bard of Shadowdale) is known and loved by many in Faerûn and after centuries of adventuring, decided to settle in Shadowdale, a quiet farming town in the Dalelands. She is a bard by trade and den mother to the Harpers that travel through Shadowdale. Storm's current position in Shadowdale includes the roles of bard, midwife, farmer, friend to those she likes, and caretaker to her sister Syluné, whose ghost now resides in Storm's cottage.

Storm is loved by nearly everyone she meets from the children of Shadowdale to King Azoun IV, who once told his trusted adviser Vangerdahast "Before all the gods I could fall on my knees in helpless love to that woman in a momentâ??and so help her, my queen would allow it, and even encourage me! And I doubt that my throne's not the only one she could have for the asking, if she desired such things." After a moment's contemplation, he asked Vangerdahast what it was that Storm did in fact desire. Vandergahast replied: "The love of everyone in the Realms, Sire â?? and from just one man of them all, a child." After Vandergahast paused to reflect on the past, he said something truly shocking to King Azoun. "The gods above know I tried."

Storm had a companion for many years named Maxam who was killed by tanar'ri when he and Storm stumbled across a planar gate opened by illithids. Storm was unable to get to Maxam before he had already died. She wanted to bear his child and the fact that she did not bear a child in the time they were together, or in her time before meeting him, has led to the belief that she is barren.


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