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Information that pertains to the Forgotten Realm's goddess Mystra and her Chosen.

Nothing 4th edition rules. I don't acknowledge that rule set or the game setting.

Benefits of being a Chosen of Mystra

Chosen of Mystra gain many benefits from her blessing, but there are a few notable powers that they gain. Obviously, they all have a greater command of the magic they wield, seeming to be able to cast more often with less effort. They become more familiar with magic, able to detect its presence. In addition, many also develop over time immunities to magic, and eventually immunities to disease and poison. They become much more hardy, showing a toughness uncharacteristic of most mages.

The most sought after and mysterious, and powerful benefit Mystra's Chosen gain from her blessing, however, is silver fire, a unique ability to conjure a silvery flame in a variety of functions.
[edit] Character Benefits

    * Bonus Spells: A Chosen of Mystra gains one bonus spell of each spell level which can be used as a spell-like ability.
    * Spell Immunity: Chosen are immune to one spell of each spell level.
    * Immunities: The Chosen are immune to aging, disease, disintegration, and poison. They also have no need to sleep, although they must rest in order to be able to prepare spells.
    * Detect Magic: Line of sight range or 90 ft, whichever is farther.
    * Abilities: All Chosen have a +10 enhancement bonus to Constitution.
    * Silver Fire: All Chosen can wield silver fire.

The Weave

The Weave is the means by which raw magic is tapped into and used by casters. The Weave is the way in which magic presents itself to beings for their use, and it flows throughout the world, touching almost every corner or existence, with exception of dead magic zones. The Weave coexists with the Shadow Weave.

Nature of the Weave

The Weave is considered many things, including Mystra's body, the source of magic, all the studies of casters, arcane and divine alike, and the many energies and forces that exist around the planes. It can be thought of as a "fabric" on which magic is "drawn", and damaging the fabric causes magic to go awry. There occurs some deliberate falsification of the nature of the Weave in textbooks, as an attempt to limit the knowledge associated with spellcasting.

Casting a spell is equivalent to telling the Weave to rearrange itself to create an effect.

Special powers

The Weave is able to grant extra powers to certain individuals. Silver fire is an ability granted by Mystra only to the Chosen of Mystra and enables its user to envelop itself in silvery white flames that bestow many potent magical powers. Spellfire is a rare talent that allows its user to manipulate the Weave in a variety of powerful ways.


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