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« on: January 20, 2008, 03:01:16 PM »
Q: Can I send home NPCs that are already standing around the Pocket Plane?
A: No, NPCs need to be in the party already. The purpose of this mod is to avoid having NPCs standing around the Pocket Plane in the first place, so I have no plans to include out-of-party NPCs who happen to be in the Pocket Plane.

Q: What about Boo? Do NPCs keep their undroppable items?
A: Yes, Minsc will have the comfort of Boo's company in the Copper Coronet. Undroppable items will be sent with the NPC, however any droppable item will be given to the PC. This may result in the PC having items he cannot use, but there are convenient containers in the Pocket Plane for storage. The risk of keeping Keldorn's armor seemed less than that of allowing important, powerful, or plot-essential items to be sent away.

Q: Why don't any of the NPCs comment when they are sent away? Some might object.
A: The Fate Spirit does not allow NPCs to comment when they are summoned to the Pocket Plane in the first place, so I did not feel it would be appropriate for the NPCs to negotiate with either the PC or the Fate Spirit once the PC issued the instructions to send the NPC away. It's kind of like this: the PC says "Send Anomen back to Athkatla," and before Anomen even realizes he isn't in the Pocket Plane, he's already home. Not a lot of time to discuss it.

Q: The dialogue doesn't seem very original.
A: That isn't a question. But yes, it's true. I intended this mod to be as unintrusive as possible, so I kept the BioWare dialogue, with minimal editing.

Q: Why did you chose the Order of the Radiant Heart for Anomen? He failed his test in my game!
A: I had to pick somewhere. I considered having three choices for Anomen, LG and LN go to the Order, CN goes to the Copper Coronet, but in the end, I decided that the code for the whole thing was long enough. The doors of the Order aren't locked. If CN Anomen doesn't like being there again, he can just walk out.

Q: Will you include mod NPCs at some point?
A: No. Every modder has different ideas about his or her NPC, and I do not want to give offense by messing with his or her NPCs. However, as I state in the readme, other modders are free to make whatever use they want of the mod, including adapting it for their own mod NPCs. The code is very simple and straightforward, if they care to use it. Modders are also free to interject into dialogue introduced by this mod using STATE_WHICH_SAYS.

Q: If I can send other NPCs elsewhere in Faerun, why can't I send the whole party there and complete unfinished quests?
A: Because it would break the game. The Fate Spirit *could* send the party elsewhere, but then the player would have nowhere to go. The ToB worldmap does not include SoA areas, so travel between areas would be impossible. Also, as all party-joinable NPCs are given new dialogue and script files at the start of ToB, they would have nothing to say once they are there.

More questions? Ask away.
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