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Dialog & Script Utilities
« on: January 04, 2008, 06:55:44 PM »
Listed below are dialog and script editing tools. Do yourself a favor and use Weidu. I only put these tools up for those who are curious on how modding was done in the past. The dialog tools will kill your game's Dialog.tlk file if you are not careful, so don't use them for modding. Use Weidu.

Infinity Dialog Utility 1.0.4a (for BG2 ONLY)

Infinity Dialog Utility 1.0.4 (for BG1, IWD, PST)

Edit dialog (*.DLG) files. These files are a list of text references for all conversations in these games and the logic trees for these conversations.

IDU v1.0.4a allows you to make dialogs that freeze game-play (only the most commonly needed type of dialog.

IDU v1.0.4 fixes a bug where certain dialog blocks, those that were referenced only in an external file, would not properly load or save. In IDU 1.0.4, these blocks appear at the same tree level as top-level texts; they, however, do not act as top-level texts. External references do not have conditions, and a dialog cannot start at an external reference. Users can tell the difference between the two types -- in the tree window, top level texts are prefaced by the string "Text:", where External references are prefaced by "Ext. Ref:".

As always, uninstall previous versions of IDU before installing a new version.

IDU v1.0.4a (for BG2 ONLY) Download (439 KB)

IDU v1.0.4 (for BG1, IWD, PST) Download (441 KB)

Infinity Dialog Workshop v1.1
IDW is a graphical dialog editing program, with a Multiple Document Interface, allowing several dialogs to be edited at once, for easier creation of multi-person dialog.

Download (80 KB)

Infinity Script Editor v1.0
A scripting editor that you can use in addition to the scripting suite or instead of it if you prefer. The nicest thing about this script editor may be its multi-lingual interface and its IDS file browser.

Download (106 KB)

PS:T VarEditor 1.5
This utility is designed for easier editing of the PS:T VAR file, which is generally declaration of variables used for scripting purposes in Planescape Torment. Without it one may not introduce new variables.  

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