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Item & Spell Editing Utilities
« on: December 31, 2007, 07:00:36 PM »
These tools are used for editing items, spells and stores.

Infinity Engine Editor Pro (IEEP) v1.0.9 Build 40    
This one download includes the "Infinity Add-on Patcher Pro" and the "Dialog Fixer" (same as the Standard version) but this version (for developers) also includes the "Dialog.tlk Editor", "Spell Maker" and "Item Maker". This is the ONE utility package you that not only IMPORTS custom items, spells, creatures and more into your game but also allows you to edit/create these types of files AND make TBG and/or IAP files! Support for ALL Infinity Engine games is being added. Includes the newer version of the Store Editor!

Download (2.27 MB)

IEIM V1.3.0 Beta 5
This tool enables you to edit items in the all of the IE games, including Icewind Dale 2. It can also edit games that have the Dialog.tlk replacement mods installed like TDD and DSotSC.

Download (1.21 MB)
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