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Quickie question
« Reply #15 on: April 26, 2005, 09:21:00 PM »
Sorry, but I always imagined it as months.  The cutscene refears to the fact that "even the elves of Suldenessar have begun to grow suspicious during your visits" (or something to that extent).  Visits to me indicates that you have been adventuring or whatever and occasionally stop there, in anycase you have came and left a number of times.  Further, the fact that the elves are growing suspicious, at least to me, means they have had time to celebrate what you have done, have stories of what the Bhaalspawn have done reach them from Tethyr (as elves are isolated, i imagine this taking a while) and allow this to grow a suspicion of you.

However, the war in Tethyr is meaningless to me as evidence of time.  While Amn and Tethyr may border eachother on a map, the areas of human settlement are divided by vast forrests, with messangers who may be getting killed in the war or on the way.  Plus, there is a lot going on internally in Amn during SOA.  Hell, Amn is at war at the time and that only has 3 mentions in the entire game.  For these reasons, while it would make sense to hear about it, I don't see it as impossible that the war could be taking place during SOA or even begging during BG1 without you hearing about it in game, with mass concern spreading once the war nears its climax (the destruction of Saradush)