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Follow one of these two easy steps:

1) Upload your portraits in a zip file in our Portrait Uploads thread.

2) Or you may upload the image itself or link it from your site.

I would go first, but I have too many. Zipping them won't do, since there would be a zip to big to upload.
Here are some samples:
Elf Females
Gnome Females
Dwarf Males
Drow Males
Drow Females
Halfling Females

Files have been downloaded.  :)

I discovered today that my portrait file is just over 10 MB. I'm a portrait packrat. :)

Having not been able to find a simple way of hosting them all in one package, I wandered over to Photobucket and spent 2 1/2 hours uploading them all. They're not necessarily in order, but I checked to make sure they were all there.

Please forgive the rather dull image names, that's the BG Portrait Manager's fault. :)

Next time you link to photobucket remember that you need to provide the password. ;D
Better use Fotki next time. :P


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